Willi, penny and co. Do everything right

Willi, penny and co. Do everything right

All have passed – that is the pleasing result of a companion dog test, which members of the "treffpunkt hund michelau" underwent with their four-legged friends on saturday underwent with their four-legged friends. The companion dog test and the associated training is an important basic training. Among other things, the focus is on obedience and behavior in public. The test consists of four parts, each of which must be passed separately.

Dogs must be vaccinated

For the admission to the exam there are some admission requirements. The dog must be at least 15 months old and be clearly identifiable by tattoo or chip. Furthermore, the dog must be vaccinated and the dog owner should have liability insurance. Before the test begins, the dog owner must take a knowledge test with multiple-choice questions to show that he or she has mastered the necessary basics.

In the second part of the test, the identification of the dog and the impartiality test are carried out. The performance judge wolfgang pipat or the training supervisor hans-dieter scheuering will touch the dog and judge its behavior with regard to other humans and dogs. The animal should not react fearfully or aggressively during the process.

In the obedience part it is about the subordination. The human-dog team is judged here first on the training ground. The animal should be led by a group of people, even without a leash. This also includes putting the dog down, while its owner also moves away.

In the last part, the "traffic" part, the dog has to prove itself under real-life conditions. This part was carried out in a public parking lot in front of a shopping center. The dog should remain calm and composed even in stressful situations.

Xena is the youngest prufling

It was particularly pleasing that the only 15-month-old dog xena and her dog handler stephanie schmidt passed the companion dog exams, as did the other participants: jutta millitzer with willi, rita vogel with sunny, astrid basel with penny, sabine simniok with anton, doris nublein with henry and philipp berlinger with shahi. 


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