When the 1. Fcn attracts the crowds to reichenbach

5000 spectators at reichenbacher waldsportanlage? No joke! For the inauguration of the new turf pitch, the teutons were finally able to attract a highly prominent guest: the 1. FC nurnberg. The bundesliga team drew the crowds on this 10th day. June 1982 also because coach udo klug’s proteges fielded a top team that had played in the DFB cup final against FC bayern two weeks earlier. The 4-2 defeat of the french team may still be remembered by the fubbal experts because the then munich center forward dieter hoeneb was wearing a turban and still scored the final goal with his head.

Success on sand

Of course, the teutons also earned their merits when, after being relegated from the national league in the 1980/81 season, they made an immediate comeback one year later by winning the championship in the eastern district league. All of this, by the way, on the famous sandy field. "So we were really looking forward to the new pitch", oswald wiener remembers. The then 26-year-old torhuter, a nationally known "flyer" between the posts, had in the spring of 1982, together with department head clemens fuchs, threaded the club’s guest game during a visit to the valzner pond. "This was financially absolutely manageable for us. Because of the spectators attendance we had later even a financial plus."

Great deeds between the posts

However, the long-serving FC zerberus has little fond memories of the result: the opponent gave him eleven goals, whereby the 0:11 defeat could have been even worse "if wiener hadn’t destroyed nurnberger’s rough chances with brilliant deeds", erich schneider, the sports reporter of the local newspaper, reported on the team. From kickoff, the spectators were treated to a highly superior klug team that was already leading 3-0 after ten minutes.

FCN’s most successful striker was hambach-born and current rannunger coach werner drebel, who gave ossi wiener four goals. Other nurnberg goals were scored by middle striker werner heck (3) and brunner, scholl and bredel. The eleventh goal against was an own goal by left defender friedrich seith, whose attempted save was headed into the new goal net. All this in a very fair game under the direction of referee heinz gotschel and his assistants rudolf muller and norbert krockel, the current district referee chairman.

Kargus, the penalty killer

The best opportunity for the honorary goal was offered to herbert "locki" tragner, who failed to beat rudi kargus with a penalty kick. The club keeper was a proven "penalty killer. Otherwise, reichenbach’s offense around dieter hergenrother, michael noth and leander gerlach could only rarely make an impact. This was also due to the fact that the central control with herbert tragner, egon greubel, and werner kirchner was mainly occupied with defensive tasks to support the defensive line around friedrich seith, helmut back, claus schmitt and eugen back. Klaus mainberger, klaus katzenberger and paul kirchner also got practice against the pros during the game.

Memory chuckles

"To be honest, I can’t remember this game. I had to do it, though, because when have I ever scored four goals in one game," smiles werner drebel, who had given the nurnberg team a 2-0 lead in the DFB cup final.

It’s rare for a bundesliga team to field its best players in a friendly match like this. At the "clubbers only reinhold hintermaier was missing. The midfielder was already at the training camp of the austrian national team preparing for the world cup. After the final whistle, van almsick’s teammates saw themselves being mobbed by the young fans, who were busy signing autograph cards.

Rarely has a double-digit defeat been as easy to digest as this one. "It was a great game and a career highlight for everyone", female clemens fuchs.


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