Westheim fire department only had to go out on 19 calls

Westheim fire department only had to go out on 19 calls

The focus of the members’ meeting at the fire department in the biebelried district of westheim was on honoring deserving firefighters.

District administrator robert finster as speaker lamented a trend toward desolidarization with regard to the increasing number of hostilities against helpers in action. Fewer and fewer people are willing to stand up for others. The exception is the local fire departments, which promise with their honorary office to work for the safety of others.

This readiness can not be appreciated enough, said finster. But she also emphasized the responsibility of the commanders, who have to take responsibility for everything. But good work can only be done by well-trained firefighters.

40 years in the army

Armin prappacher and friedrich wolf have been in the fire department for 40 years and were honored for their service. Together with district fire inspector gunter wilhelm and district fire chief steffen gernert, finster also honored commander marcus muller, former deputy martin muller and marco wolf for 25 years of service in the fire department.

Muller’s report showed that the fire department can currently draw on 19 firefighters, including two women. However at present no youth group exists, which is to be developed however. Gernert assured thereby its support.

In addition to providing security for the martinmas procession, the fire department was called out to two accidents last year in which it had to rescue people from vehicles and remove the oil slick. A home emergency call in neighboring lindelbach was a false alarm.

Joint training planned

For 2020, the commanders of the three villages of biebelried are planning a joint exercise, in which the kindergarten and the parents of the kindergarten children are also involved.

Bernd renz, chairman of the fire department association, reported on the social events: this year, too, the focus is on the maypole raising ceremony. The club also plans to replace the roof on the old firehouse.

Wilhelm praised the self-built training room, which also serves the village community. Biebelried’s mayor roland hoh was pleased with the small number of operations to which the fire brigade was called. He announced the procurement of a vehicle for the teams of all three districts, which would be parked at the fire station in biebelried.


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