Water pipeline to be completely relaid

Construction work is currently underway between maria bildhausen and rindhof. The reason for this is the complete rerouting of the water pipeline. "The old management, the st. The church, which belonged to the congregation of st. Joseph, is constantly broken, and we also have a high loss of water," says, says rudolf weigand, who together with his son marco has been the new owner of the rindhof for a few months. That's why he had to act quickly.

Water from fridritt

Now the water pipe is newly routed by the own company of maria bildhausen to the rindhof. "With this I have a separate water supply and am completely independent via a new pay shaft", says weigand.
The water comes from the high reservoir near fridritt. After relocation of the main line, all buildings at the rindhof are reconnected. At the same time, the rindhof is also getting faster internet access. A pipeline was laid from grobwenkheim to rheinfeldshof the year before. Now maria bildhausen and the rindhof are connected. The new water pipe is a first roughing of the trees at the rindhof. More to follow as soon as possible. "I'm still waiting for the green light from the district of bad kissingen for the conversion of the function house", says rudolf weigand. This refers to the building that houses the restaurant and the office of the golf club. The building permit from the city of munnerstadt has already been granted. The restaurant is to be expanded by 48 seats by adding an extension to the west, where the rough terrace currently is. But the terrace will not disappear because of this. There is still enough space.

New sanitary rooms

On the upper floor of the building there will be new sanitary rooms for about 60 women and men with showers, changing rooms and toilets. The heating system in the functional building is also to be renewed, and a separate reception area is to be created.


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