Washer-dryer probably the cause of the fire

Washer-dryer probably the cause of the fire

As reported, around 12.30 o’clock the operator of a pizzeria in the densely built-up city center notices a burning smell. The witness then noticed a strong smoke development in the attic of a property on the market square. The man has then alerted the resident, who at this time had not yet noticed the fire.

As a result, a large contingent of eight fire departments had to concentrate on preventing the fire from spreading to directly adjacent properties in the tightly built city center, which was ultimately successful. The old half-timbered house in which the fire broke out was completely destroyed by the fire. Fortunately there were no casualties.

The further investigations regarding the cause of the fire were initially conducted by officers of the criminal investigation department and subsequently by the investigator of the relevant police department. Due to the danger of collapse, an inspection of the fire site was only possible to a limited extent on monday as well.

With the use of a hoisting platform of the voluntary fire department volkach the fire outbreak could be limited to the floorboard area of the third floor. The only possible cause of the fire is a washer-dryer that was parked there and in operation before the fire broke out. There are no indications for a negligent or even deliberate arson, the police report.

The city informed on request that the demolition or partial demolition of the building could still take place this week. "However, we must first make contact with the owner and the insurance", explains head of the building department ulla gistel-gareib. Companies capable of carrying out such work have already been approached. "The building is in danger of collapsing", they explain the quick action. Until the insurance company or the owner make a decision, the area around the fire remains closed.


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