Vaccination center kitzingen: capacity for 250 corona vaccinations per day

vaccination center kitzingen: capacity for 250 corona vaccinations per day

250 vaccinations a day – that’s what the new vaccination center in the district of kitzingen is supposed to be able to do. As district administrator tamara bischof informed the district committee, tenders are currently being invited for this purpose. The deadline for this ends next monday, after which it will be clear who the operator is. The center itself is to be completed by 15. December be ready. This would also be the early kick-off for the vaccination campaign in the district.

Two vaccinations per person

The vaccine is to be delivered in batches of 1000, so that it can then be vaccinated for four days. Two vaccinations per person were required, which was the real challenge according to the district administrator. In order to simplify the difficult logistics, there will also be a mobile vaccination team. This could then go to the old people’s homes, for example, so that the residents can save themselves the trip to the vaccination center.

The district administrator also said that the district had recently received 5400 rapid corona tests. In the meantime, these have also been distributed – by the building yard – mainly to old people’s homes, so that the visitors can be tested there. The number of employees in the health department has almost doubled, which makes an orderly follow-up of suspected cases of corona possible. "As of today, we have everything under control", tamara bischof explained at the meeting on thursday afternoon.


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