Tv habfurt starts with new board

Tv habfurt starts with new board

With a powerful board of directors that is once again complete, TV habfurt is now working on its "sportpark eichelsee" project to be realized in the next few years. However, members still need a little patience before they can play sports in a modern environment. Due to the rescheduling and the extensive conditions imposed by the habfurt city council when approving the 4.625-million-euro project last november, the start of construction after all preliminary work is conceivable in one year at the earliest – i.E. In may 2014, as the association announced in its report to the annual meeting of the tv.

98 members filled the gymnasium at the annual general meeting. The last general meeting was held 22 months ago. "After that the project got out of hand. We have become a "political", said helene friedrich, chairwoman for communications and public relations, in her review.
She took a critical look at the behavior of some of the habfurt city council members. The public turmoil over the sports park has put the TV leadership under a lot of strain. "It is hard to leave the past behind, but let's look ahead", said friedrich ringeisen, said friedrich.

The finances
In his financial report for the last two years, udo zehe showed that the TV habfurt is in a good position despite the slight decline in membership and high maintenance and energy costs for the outdated buildings. The annual membership fees of 100,000 euros alone ensured a stable result for the association. The surplus, adjusted for extraordinary income and expenses, was about 38,000 euros (2011) and 41,000 euros (2012). Cash and cash equivalents and accounts receivable as of 31 december 2009. December 2012 were reported to be around 194,000 euros, although 66,000 euros had already been paid in planning costs. To meet the city council's target, the TV must raise a total of 450,000 euros of its own funds.

This means that in each of the next three years, 35,000 euros in donations had to be generated in order to reach this sum. "This is not utopian, but we have to make an effort", said zehe. The planned investment levy for the active adult members should bring in an additional 48,000 euros. The remaining amount could be built up by the association from the current results of the next three years.

The amendment to the articles of association to reduce the number of board members from five to four was approved by the members, as was the subsequent election, which was chaired by honorary chairman rolf beinke. The finance department, which had been vacant for some time, has now been filled competently by accountant hanne pfister as chairman and her predecessor udo zehe (who resigned a year ago) as an assessor. Gerd wolf, who up to now was an assessor in the area of events, became the new combined chairman for sports, events and organization.

Sybille kern remains as assessor. There were no changes in the department of communication and public relations: helene friedrich remains chairman of the board and hans straub is a member of the board. And also in the department of construction and sports facilities, with chairman georg hiernickel and associate chairman roland dusold, who was absent with apologies, everything is as before. Confirmed were minute taker sabine stierhof, the cash auditors thorsten suckfull and thomas ringeisen, as well as petra benkert, robert lutz and andreas oehrl as assessors for the association committee.

An overview of the planning for the sports park, which has been restarted after the completion of the board of directors, was given by architect susanne baur from the company "B&O-concept". There are no changes to the location at site three in the direction of the airfield; a new building application is not necessary despite the change of plans. Savings are to be made on the flat areas in order to compensate for the lower budget and the meanwhile increased construction prices.

The concept
The space requirement consists of a double hall, a larger and smaller gymnasium and a reduced size weight room. The dressing rooms are to be combined. The upper floor is not to be built out, which will save on the need for handicapped access. The guesthouse is not part of the project; however, the location next to the hall will be kept free.


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