Trump promises palastinians their own state

Trump promises palastinians their own state

In his middle east plan, U.S. President donald trump holds out the prospect of a state of their own for the palastinians – but with considerable concessions.

The plan should lead to a "realistic two-state solution" for israel and the palastinians, trump said tuesday during a joint appearance with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the weiben house. Netanyahu said to trump: "their deal of the century is the opportunity of the century. Rest assured that israel will not miss this opportunity." The plan was published after months of delay.

Netanyahu said that if the palastinians made peace with israel and abided by the terms of the plan, israel would be ready to negotiate "right away. The palastinian leadership had already rejected the plan in advance as a violation of UN resolutions and current international law. It accuses trump of taking sides with israel in the conflict and therefore boycotts the cooperation. The palastinians have called for a "day of anger" after the publication of the plan.

The points in detail:

SIEDLINGS: trump stressed that "no israelis or palastinians will be evicted from their homes". Netanyahu said the plan recognizes israeli sovereignty over all israeli settlements in the west bank and the jordan valley. Today, more than 600 people live in more than 200 settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem.000 israelis. Israel's channel 12 said that according to trump's plan, 70 percent of the west bank should become part of a palastinian state. 30 percent will be annexed by israel. According to media reports, israel's government plans to vote on the annexation of the jordan valley and israeli settlements as early as sunday.

JERUSALEM: the u.S. President stressed that jerusalem will remain the "undivided capital of israel. However, he also said that the palastinians will have a capital in east jerusalem. The USA was "proud" to open an embassy there. The plan speaks of the palastinian capital to include "some parts of east jerusalem". The status quo regarding the temple mount (al-haram al-scharif/the noble sanctuary), which is holy to jews and muslims, is to be maintained. Jordan, which is already responsible for the administration of the holy sites with the palastinians, will continue to bear responsibility for them.

BORDERS: according to trump, for the first time there will be a "conceptual map" showing where israel is willing to make concessions. The U.S. Was to press for the palestinians to be given contiguous territory. Palestinian territory will more than double in size. The areas designated for a future palastinian state should remain untouched for the next four years so that the palastinians can meet the requirements for their own state.

Palestinian refugees: netanyahu said the plan makes clear the problem of palestinian refugees must be solved outside israel. The plan speaks of giving refugees the choice of settling in the newly formed palastinian state, staying in the countries where they live, or moving to third countries. The number of palastinians who fled in 1948 during the first middle east war and their descendants now stands at 5.5 million, according to the u.N.

ISRAEL'S SECURITY: trump said the U.S. Was seeking a two-state solution that would not jeopardize israel's security. The plan speaks of a "demilitarized" palastinian state. Israel will retain security control over the entire area west of the jordan river – that is, the west bank. In the long term, the palastinians should be given more control. Netanyahu said the plan called for disarming the islamist hamas, which ruled the gaza strip, and demilitarizing the gaza strip. The palastinians had to recognize israel as a judaic state.

Israel had conquered the west bank, east jerusalem and the golan highlands, among other territories, during the six day war in 1967. The united nations classifies the territories as occupied. Israel has withdrawn from the gaza strip, which was also captured at the time. The palastinians want to declare an independent state in the west bank and gaza strip with east jerusalem as its capital.

Even before the plan was presented, hundreds of palastinians in the gaza strip demonstrated against it on tuesday. Protesters walked through the streets with palestinian flags, as seen in pictures. Tires were burned, posters showed US president donald trump with vampire teeth and swastika and trump with a red crossed out middle east plan in his hands. Israel's army strengthens forces in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank. This decision was made based on the current assessment of the situation, the army said on tuesday.

U.S. President calls on palastinian president mahmud abbas to cooperate in implementing his middle east plan. Addressing abbas, trump said that if he chose "the path of peace," he could count on help from the U.S. And other countries. "Today's agreement is a historic opportunity for the palastinians to finally achieve their own independent state. After 70 years of little progress, this could be the last opportunity they will ever have."

Trump pledged economic development to palastinians if they agree to plan. The U.S. Was set to invest in the territories with the goal of doubling economic growth and cutting unemployment in half. He pledged $50 billion in international investments.

Trump called the plan a "rough step toward peace". It has been a "long and difficult process" to work out the plan. For the first time, israel declares its willingness to make concrete territorial compromises. Peace requires compromise. Only with regard to israel's security there could be no compromise. The palastinians had to renounce violence and terrorism.

Netanyahu said israel wants a better life for palastinians. The plan points a way to a future palastinian state. "It may take a very long time to reach the end of this road. But if the palastinians are willing to go this way, to make peace with the judaic state, israel will be ready to negotiate peace immediately."Netanyahu spoke of a "historic day" and again called trump the best friend israel has ever had in the weber house.

Netanyahu is under pressure because of a corruption lawsuit. On tuesday, he withdrew an application for immunity from prosecution that he had submitted to parliament at the beginning of the year. Thereupon, the attorney general's office filed the indictment with the court in jerusalem. The corruption trial against netanyahu will probably not take place until after the election on 2 january. March begin.

Trump had met on monday with the right-wing conservative israeli head of government and with his challenger benny gantz of the center blue-white alliance in separate meetings to explain his plan. Gantz said afterwards that the plan would go down in history as a "significant milestone" on the way to a regional agreement. Netanyahu planned to travel to moscow on wednesday for a meeting with russian president vladimir putin to discuss the middle east plan.


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