Tribute band “light my fire” looked longingly back to the time of the “doors

Longing is what drives people, and it is often connected with memories of the past. Not only the musicians of the “doors” look like this-tribute band “light my fire longing for the time when the “doors” were the most famous band in the world celebrated with their psychedelic rock successes. Also the visitors of their concert at the cultural office habfurt live in the fully occupied town hall at the weekend felt this longing and were happy about the impressive interpretations of sanger gerry james and his colleagues.

Especially because gerry james comes very close to his idol jim morrison. His haunting voice, his distinct feeling for the music of the "doors and its never-ending power "floated" over the music. "The music, these are thomas wenzel on the singing, crying or rocking guitar, schorsch pavicic on the pulsating bass, tuncay tercanli on the beat hammering drums and the brilliant mad bob on the organ with floating sounds and breathtaking soli. Together they embody the "great music" the doors, to which the fans were only too happy to dance and have a good time to the rhythm of the 1960s. For this concert was driving, offered rock’n’roll to the bone and really heated up the fans.

You could just break on through to the other side of consciousness, just break on through to the "normal" side of the doors to leave life behind and to be in "others" the mystical music of the american band "the doors", which was dissolved in 1973. Their unmistakable sounds, their will for unconditional artistic freedom, their penchant for the darker side of the soul and jim morrison’s excesses are still cool, rebellious and immortal. Almost 50 years after the death of the charismatic rock poet jim morrison, music still has its devotees, or rather has its devotees again. Gerry james and his colleagues opened the doors to their magic and mysticism with songs like "light my fire", "love street, "hello I love you" up to "soul kitchen, "break on through", "when the music’s over, "riders on the storm", "alabama song" and "L.A. Woman". For her, the fascination of this poetic music lies in the different styles, ranging from rock to blues and enriched with classical and latin american elements.

Many burgers from the county and neighboring regions who stick with the hits of "doors the people who have become coarse have danced their hearts out all evening long. Especially in the second set, the musicians were able to heat up the already enthusiastic atmosphere and to encourage the audience to sing along several times.

For bernhard pfister from trunstadt, the performances of the tribute band are a must. "I come regularly, because this music is one of my favorite styles", he said. "I especially like the organist and the guitarist and the sanger has a brilliant voice!" Bernhard pfister had the "doors" in his youth listened to them on the radio and was taken with them because they didn’t represent the mainstream. "When I hear this music, the memories come back", the guest swarmed. Because the visitors were not stingy with applause that evening, "light my fire" said goodbye several additions to the list.


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