Together with courage and trust

Together with courage and trust

The goal was not to reach the top, but to set and reach a goal together. We are talking about the couples’ day in the high ropes course on the volkersberg. For one day, couples who have been together for a long time had the opportunity to get involved with each other in a completely new way. Once a year, the lernwerk volkersberg offers couples such a day in the high ropes course, where they have the opportunity to experience their partnership anew and to gain new strength for everyday life and their common path.

Under the guidance of experienced high ropes course trainers and padagogues, the focus was on trust, one’s own limits and those of one’s partner – and on a whole host of new experiences and lessons. "Thank you for holding me!", was the motto of the day that began for the four couples with the "flying fox" began. Here it was a matter of joint safeguarding, courage and trust, and of agreement. "We attach a lot of importance to the fact that the couples get to talk to each other," explained jens freimann, emphasized high ropes course trainer christina ziegler, who was in charge of the day together with social and experiential pathologist matthias lange.

Spab and sporting challenge

The day in the high ropes course should be fun on the one hand and a sporting challenge on the other hand. On the other hand, it also provides an opportunity for couples in the middle of their lives to take stock of their relationship and talk about it. Again and again there were reflection times in which the trainers provided impulses.What sustains the relationship in times of crisis? Where can partners complement each other?? Where are free spaces necessary? So the day became a process, with its own individual experiences, with highs and lows. It was about personal boundaries and common boundaries, recognizing and accepting one’s own boundaries but also communicating them to the other, and accepting each other’s boundaries. But overcoming limits was also the order of the day. With the help of the partner, thanks to the support of the group and by releasing limitations, fears and doubts.

Another topic was giving and receiving help. Is there too much help on offer?? Can help be accepted at all? There was always time to evaluate the exercises in terms of their significance for the relationship, to observe each other and to pay attention to roles within the relationship. Mutual appreciation and gratitude were very important. In different areas of the high ropes course, spab and content were combined with one another.

Common goal

On the jacob’s ladder, the couples faced the challenge of climbing up together. "It is not about finishing the exercise, but rather about the questions. How far can we get together? Let’s take care of each other? Do we have a common goal?", explained long. Jens and mirjam freimann from stuttgart took up the challenge. Jens freimann comes from zuntersbach and has known the volkersberg for a long time. For the couple it was clear that they wanted to spend time together and at the same time see how they could master the tasks in the high ropes course together. They only managed to climb the jacob’s ladder as a team. Jens put his knee and shoulder at mirjam’s disposal so that she could climb to the top. She secured from above and helped him to overcome the next stage. Thanks to the mutual agreement and support they almost reached the top. Only mirjam freimann could reach the last step with the bell. It was full of joy. "It doesn’t matter who reads, we were on top", explained jens freimann.

For birgit heusler and kurt fick from werneck it should not go quite so high up. Birgit heusler faced her high anxiety in the high ropes course. How important agreements are, acceptance of boundaries and at the same time courage to expand them, they could experience together on the sunny saturday in the high ropes course at volkersberg.

Heart anchors and common desires

At the end, the couples were given heart anchors and the opportunity to make a wish together for the couple relationship. The wish and the anchor should remind them in their everyday life of the experiences in the high ropes course, so that the insights and impulses gained can continue to have an effect at home and can be deepened under certain circumstances.

Next year, there will be another couples’ day in the high ropes course in the summer. Information and dates can be found under the heading lernwerk.


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