There is a lot to do at the untersiemau school

The main target of the site visit of the committee for infrastructure, construction and environment (IBU) on tuesday was the elementary and middle school untersiemau. There is a lot to do there in the near future. Among other things, the primary school playground (upper courtyard) is to be renovated. On site, the commissioned architect dirk lorenzen explained the concept, which is still to be defined, according to the design plan. The preliminary planned costs are expected to be about 50000 euro. The members of the committee subsequently agreed in principle to the design in the town hall. The planning office is commissioned to obtain corresponding offers. The design of the open space should be alternatively in asphalt with optical division in natural stone or in paving construction about the prices of the "small strabenbaumabnahmen" to be carried out.

The designs have already been presented to representatives of the school administration, the parents’ council, the daycare center and the municipal administration, reported mayor rolf rosenbauer. The playground will be used during the morning breaks and after school by the lunchtime supervision team. The overall concept provides for exercise and play areas, rest zones and lounging areas. The civil engineering inspections are to take place during the summer vacations.

The next item on the school tour was the workroom. The furnishings and fittings in this area date back to the 1980s and are correspondingly battered. A new facility is to take safety aspects into account. In the main room, the parquet floor is to be sanded down and a new floor must be laid in the machine and material room. The cost for the renovation of the workshop, including the replacement of the worktops or the installation of LED light bands, amounts to approximately 30,000 euros.

15 new heaters

In the elementary school there is damage caused by a leaking pipe, which results in water loss. Therefore, the committee members recommend to the council to renew the heating circuit pipes and to install 15 new kermi compact radiators. A building services company from untersiemau is to be commissioned to carry out the work. The calculated sum amounts to about 11 000 euro. Necessary and energetic interior insulation work is to be carried out by the janitor in cooperation with the municipal building yard.

On the sightseeing tour we continued to untersiemauer muhlgasse. For there the committee recommends to extend the footpath on high number 14 by 34 meters. It should be one meter wide. The contract is to be awarded to a merlach company. The settlement of the calculated amount of about 9000 euros and the financial compensation for about 17 square meters of land for the owner are incurred.


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