The week: rainy flirt-factor

The week: rainy flirt-factor

What a prediction: first thunderstorm. Possibly also unwetter. Then it did not stop raining for three days.

So similar as predicted by the weather forecast came then also. It was felt once again autumn, the father’s day of all things went down. Instead of humid and joyful rather humid and joyful. The visit to the wine festival in nordheim had to be cancelled, as did a trip to the wurzburger weindorf, where this year’s motto "flirting with wine" led to the assumption that the event could have been sponsored by a singles agency.

But as I said: it was raining. And rained. So many fathers preferred to stay in the dry and have a beer or two at home – which promptly led to misunderstandings again. He: "honey, where’s the beer??"She: "have you looked at the clock??" He: "yes, but there it is also not!"

Nice dialogue. Just like the saying we picked up in a lottery store: "i came, i saw and i gave away what i had in mind."

In kitzingen, meanwhile, the mood was not only stormy but also bombastic. No, the city council did not meet. Bombs had been discovered at the airfield. In the former harvey barracks four 50-kilo explosive bombs came to light.

In the meantime, everything on the internet revolved around real grenades – even if the transition now seems a bit daring. Bavarian television was looking for "bavaria’s most beautiful cow!"And had asked for the happy online-voting. Our representative from reupelsdorf in lower franconia had to be content with a rear place and leave the field to an upper bavarian woman. With regina from otterfing, writes the BR, a charming murnau-werdenfelser, an old, almost extinct breed of cow, has won.

Let’s leave it at that. At the same time we want to declare our proud reupelsdorfer cow as the winner of the hearts.

For many franconians, their own crime scene is also a matter of the heart. All the more joyful the news that the first french tatort will be filmed this summer and – hort, hort – heavenly.

At least that’s what the title suggests: "heaven is a place on earth". What speaks for the fact that the franken-tatort cannot take place in nurnberg – but exclusively here with us, in the most heavenly county of the world.

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