The home play has its own marian song

The home play has its own Marian song

The women parade across the anger in the homecoming play and sing the marian hymn "you with the child" with great fervor. The little pious song has become a munnerstadt marian song over the decades. The play was not originally written for the festival.
According to bruno eckert, the play was written by the author of the heimatspiel, pastor ludwig nudling, for the folk play "the kiliani frankenfahrt". This play was performed in wurzburg in 1926 and has largely fallen into oblivion today. The music, however, is probably not from nudling. She is attributed to a wurzburg canon. His name is unknown; that’s what it says in the little book "historisches volksschauspiele in franken" from H.-rudolf becher. Even bruno eckert can’t say more about the origin of the piece. Although the history of the home game is well documented, "we are missing details", according to the chairman.
Rudolf becher wrote in his publication that "nudling’s image of the virgin mary is based on typical french marian devotion". His marian song, written for the wurzburg festival, was therefore probably a good fit for the home play, in which the veneration of mary plays a central role.
On sunday, for the premiere of the 2013 home game, the song was sung again. His text is a bit familiar in today’s time, but this does not change the popularity of the piece in munnerstadt. The chairman of the heimatspiel community, bruno eckert, is convinced that the mary’s song is more than just a part of the heimatspiel text for many of the performers. "The song has something", feels it bruno eckert. When the song is sung in the play, he senses the emotion among the performers.There are two songs that make him feel tingly: "silent night in the night" and "you with the child".
The mary song at the heimatspiel is probably a song limited to munnerstadt until today. Bruno eckert once heard a fatima pilgrim from the dettelbach area during a television report about the sounds he was familiar with. Dettelbach parish administrator father richard hebdorfer, however, does not know the piece, but does not exclude that it is sung by individual pilgrim groups.
Regional cantor peter rottmann assumes that the mary song is sung especially in munnerstadt. If it is heard elsewhere, then it is certainly a munnerstadt export, according to rottmann.
In munnerstadt the mary song is not only at the home play to hear. It is also sung at the swedish procession, at mary’s birth service or at weddings and funerals of members of the heimatspiel congregation.
While the 400 or so spectators at the anger were completely under the spell of the heimatspiel, the rest of the city was in a carefree market mood. As has been the case for years, the schutzengelmarkt was not only a pleasant place to shop, but also a pleasant place to stop for a bite to eat, for example in the newly-opened "schutzengelmarkt" the integrative old town cafe (formerly cafe bach) or at the numerous club festivals. For many years, associations from munnerstadt, such as the small animal breeders, the turmerverein, the red cross or the rhonklub, have used this market and home game sunday to hold a festival. The guests thank them with numerous appearances.


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