The first bicycle expressway for bavaria is prepared

The loud rattling could be heard as far as hauptendorf, and the vibrations in the ground could also be felt away from the construction site. Heavy equipment was used at the brucklein on the cycle path between hauptendorf and the galgenhof: a total of six bored piles had to be placed. A new bridge structure, which will replace the small crossing over the schleifmuhlbach, is being built on them. The construction of the bridge should be finished by the beginning of september.
There is a reason why the city is erecting such a powerful structure on a narrow footpath and cycle path. Because of the four meter width it already has the standard that bike lanes need. And such projects are to be tackled throughout bavaria in the next two to three years. The first section will run between herzogenaurach and erlangen, as was made clear during a tour of the construction site on thursday morning.
"We are the first in bavaria to do this", said herzogenaurach's mayor german hacker (SPD) together with josef weber, the construction and planning officer of the city of erlangen. The bridge that is now being built is an important building block for this and thus, in a sense, the first step. Hacker: "actually, it's the first structure for a bicycle expressway in bavaria."
353000 euro costs the mabnahme, which is carried out by the company diersch from pegnitz. The piles were dug by the specialist company loffler from leidersbach, germany. In two days, not only were the six holes dug, but they were also filled with concrete. The piles with a diameter of 80 centimeters were dug eleven meters deep into the ground.

As wide as a tram

In the future, the cycle track will no longer curve at the height of the bridge; the structure will allow it to run in a straight line. The creek doesn't even have to be roughly moved for this, said markus himmler from the city's building department. But it has been piped for the duration of the construction work. Of course, the bike path between hauptendorf and herzogenaurach will remain as narrow as before – at least initially. The road will only be wider when the cycle track is built. For cyclists it will then be four meters.
According to german hacker, where it is feasible and makes sense, a sidewalk will be added, which will be separated from the bike lane by a small strip of grass. This, too, will be two and a half meters wide, so that real roads will then be created. On the section there, the disused route of the aurachtal railroad could be used for this purpose, said hacker.
11.6 kilometers is the length of the first cycle path that will run from herzogenaurach to erlanger city center from schaeffler. Josef weber explained that 4000 cyclists are expected to ride the route every day. 90 percent of the planned route would be able to reach the cruising speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This means that cyclists must be able to ride side by side and overtake each other without any problems.
The cycle lane is to be upgraded either to be free of intersections or to be given priority when it meets a road. The planned route fits "one-to-one into the concept of getting from A to B quickly", said weber.

High costs

At an estimated cost of 42 million euros, the project is admittedly an expensive undertaking. But this is also due to the fact that several crossings have to be built on erlangen's territory: twice over freeways, twice over the regnitz and the canal. The financing is also not yet secured, but according to weber and hacker, joachim herrmann has assured that the free state will make as high a demand as possible. Hacker said that the city would already apply for a subsidy for the bridge construction. Is the structure part of the cycle path concept after all?. However, it is probably a precedent to apply for a claim even before the program begins.


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