Teuschnitzer achieve the triple

Teuschnitzer achieve the triple

"You rats beware – now come the watchers of the night!" After 2017 and 2018 – then with "trolls resort as well as "aida fun" – the jesters around their trainer anja fleischmann secured the upper franconian championship with their latest theme for the third time in a row. The gauditurnier der mannerballette 2019 was hosted by the carnival society narhalla rot-weib marktredwitz on saturday after the carnival season in the local town hall.

The tournament was held for the 20th time this year. The first time and thus, after the narhalla once hosted the very first tournament, returned to its roots. An expert jury evaluated the performances of the eight participating groups in terms of theme and creativity, costume, execution, variety of movement, music and entertainment value.

Cup stays in teuschnitz

After "DAN – the anzichn normoln" after winning the title for the third time, the athletic male elite of the arnica town can now call the challenge cup their own – and this in the anniversary year "ten years of the male ballet teuschnitz"! The group currently consists of eleven active dancers with an average age of 38 years. They represent the town of teuschnitz both in the district and far beyond the district borders, where they – known as the proverbial colorful dog – also enjoy great popularity.

Every year, the sportskanonen complete a tight program with performances at their own carnival events in teuschnitz as well as in neighboring villages. They also like to take part in the carnival parades in arnica town, rothenkirchen and steinwiesen. They are regularly invited by the foreign office in berlin. There they provide every time just as for exuberant mood and coarse enthusiasm as also with family celebrations and even various championships on different levels.

"The very demanding and time-consuming preparations for our performances regarding the theme, the choice of music and the choreography start already in the middle of the year", tells anja fleischmann. Training usually starts at the beginning of october. The training per season until the first appearance amounts to almost 40 training sessions of at least two hours each. Until today there are already about 50 training units again.

"In addition, at least two workshops lasting several hours are held for fine-tuning", the trainer points out. Training takes place mainly in the teuschnitzer sport home. But due to the circumstances, the event had to be moved to other venues.

The costs for the costumes per dancer amount to 150 to 200 euro per year. In addition, there are costs for the respective trips and overnight stays. "This year we were in the lucky position that some people, companies and institutions supported us financially as well as materially", shows fleischmann – also in the name of her foolish proteges – very grateful.

Rough success

Together, they have celebrated many successes in the ten years of their existence. The most notable successes were second place at the grand prix in oberasbach in 2015 (with "the bachelorette"), victory at the grand prix in oberasbach and at the upper franconian championship in bad berneck in 2017 (both with "trolls resort"), and sixth place at the bavarian championship in wiesentheid and the upper franconian championship in bad berneck again in 2018 (both with "aida fun").

In 2019, the dancers, who were of course once again cheered on by their once again numerous and loudly represented fan clubs, could now start with "you rats have eight – now come the watchers of the night" winning the upper franconian championship in marktredwitz for the third year in a row and – last saturday – now also the upper palatinate championship in auerbach. This makes them both the reigning upper franconian and upper palatinate champions in male ballet 2019.

There is not much time to catch one’s breath, as the next performances are already scheduled for 30. March the bavarian championship in heilsbronn. For the first time ever, the jesters will also be competing at the german championships on 15 march. And 16. June in riesa (near dresden). Another highlight is coming up next year, when DAN will hold its first health survey on 14. March 2020, the upper franconian male ballet tournament will be held in the nordwaldhalle in nordhalben. We can be curious!


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