Suspicious video: grafenberg resident thomas muller leaves the csu

Ekkehard roepert grafenberg- thomas muller has resigned from the CSU local chairmanship with immediate effect – and will also leave the party. As reported, muller was caught in the crossfire of criticism in february: facebook posts by the local CSU chairman from grafenberg suggested that he had taken part in incitement against democracy. Muller then apologized and distanced himself from the posts.

But over the weekend, muller’s CSU career in grafenberg came to an abrupt end. A video recording became an embarrassment to him. The video from november 2018 shows thomas muller in the circle of a group singing the song "auf kreta im sturm und im regen" (on crete in the storm and in the rain) sings. At the end of the song there is an unknown person showing the hitler-grub.

Michael hofmann, member of the state parliament and chairman of the CSU in the district of forchheim, confirmed to the FT that his party had drawn the consequences from the incident over the weekend. Hofmann, who had been confronted with the video by the media, convened a meeting attended by thomas muller, the four deputy district chairmen of the CSU and the deputy local chairman of grafenberg, hans derbfuss.

Hofmann told our newspaper yesterday that he had to inform himself about the song first. "It is a so-called context song." The term "context song make clear that you have to know the historical context, namely the war crimes committed by the nazis on crete, in order to understand the meaning of the song.

"No further explanations

Michael hofmann summarizes the weekend’s meeting as follows: thomas muller explained that he "thought nothing bad when he sang the song" has the "concrete background of the song" were not known to him. Muller had acknowledged that he had behaved differently that evening and had had to react differently to the events; he was very sorry that a false impression had been created of him and referred to his previously published declaration, which still applied.

As thomas muller told the FT yesterday, he does not want to make "any further declarations" beyond these revisions give. Michael hofmann emphasized "on behalf of the participants of the meeting", that the content of the video was "totally unacceptable for a CSU member" is. The CSU "clearly distances itself from the afd and other radical right-wing parties" from. "Every member must be free from the suspicion of not fighting such extreme positions with all firmness."

Muller was prepared to draw the consequences of his own accord, emphasizes hofmann. Muller leaves the party and will be elected in the event of an election (15. March) to the city council of grafenberg will not take up the mandate. In this way, hofmann quotes muller, he also wants to prevent damage to the CSU and the many CSU candidates currently in the election campaign.

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