Space available for people in need of care increases

The worrying news first: germans are getting fewer and fewer, but older and older. The proportion of senior citizens is also increasing in forchheim. In its population projection, the bavarian state office for statistics has predicted an increase of around 40 percent in the proportion of people over 75 in the district of forchheim by 2035. The good news: forchheim is well positioned in terms of the number of day care places on offer. The BRK’s planned day-care facility in the new katharinenspital will contribute to this once again. The rental contract was signed by mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) and BRK district chairman franz josef kraus as well as BRK district manager dr. Birgit kastura signed.
This means that the day care center at katharinenspital, which will open in early 2019, is secure for the next 30 years. The BRK is an efficient partner, emphasized mayor kirschstein at the signing of the contract. Franz josef kraus thanked the red cross for the trust it had placed in him. BRK district manager birgit kastura praised the constructive cooperation during planning with city chamberlain detlef winkler and sigrun wagner, head of the building department. The day care facility, which will be located on the first floor of the wing on bamberger strabe, will offer 18 places on 310 square meters of floor space. "With the catharine hospital, the need for day care is well covered", the BRK district manager noted.
Open to all
birgit kastura emphasized that the day care center is open not only to residents of the catharine hospital but to all burghers. "The house is filled with life", explained the BRK district manager, also with a view to the planned district manager and the district meeting place. The idea is to be there for the whole neighborhood, old and young people". In addition to operating the day care center, the BRK is also present as a neutral provider of outpatient care services and offers meals from its own kitchen – housekeeping services can also be booked, the district manager emphasized. However, the residents are free to decide whether and from which provider they want to use such a service.
Many reservations
the head of the building department, sigrun wagner, reported that the new building of the catharine hospital was progressing according to plan and that the cost calculation was also in the green range. The goal is to have the apartments ready for occupancy at the beginning of next year. 40 of the 55 apartments available for rent have already been reserved, sigrun wagner reported. The apartments that are still available are mainly one-room apartments with 33 square meters, some of which are wheelchair-accessible, and three-room apartments with a size of 65 to 76 square meters.
Proud to rent
according to detlef winkler, the rent per square meter ranges from 9.96 euros to 14.84 euros, plus operating costs. "The rent level is due to the investment costs", winkler justified the prices, which are not affordable for everyone. He referred, however, in this connection to a city council decision, according to which also the recipients of a basic security had a chance to get a place to live in the catharine hospital. With the appropriate evidence will be "in individual cases" rent subsidized.


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