Rough task for small sangers

rough task for small sangers

The children of the children's and youth choir of st. John is motivated to the hilt. In the rehearsal room in ritterstrabe, all 15 choir members gathered for one of the last choir rehearsals with cantor christian stegmann. They will practice particularly tricky passages of the three sacred songs they will perform at the concert for solo, choir and orchestra for memorial day on sunday, 18 sunday. November, at 5 p.M. In the parish church of st. Johannes will sing.

"The three sacred songs by felix mendelssohn-bartholdy are actually written as soli for altists", tells stegmann. Before the summer vacations, he tried out with his children's choir whether his young singers could meet the challenge. And they can. Enthusiastically, stegman tells us that the choir has even taken on all three songs and will interpret them.

Not all choir members are familiar with terms like classical music and church music yet.

But that does not dampen their enthusiasm. Even eight-year-old theresa is eager to get started. She was already singing in the children's choir before her first year at school. "Because it makes fun, she finds. She doesn't just mean singing in the children's choir, but music in general, because she also plays the transverse flute at school.
The musical aspect is also a priority for ten-year-old basti. He also enjoys music so much that he not only joined the children's choir at the age of four, but is now learning the piano with his older sister.
Meanwhile, the children's and youth choir is mastering even the more difficult passages of the mendelssohn-bartholdy composition from the inside out, and choirmaster christian stegmann is confident that his children's and youth choir, as well as the church choir of st. Johannes on the evening of the national day of mourning once again for a convincing music and sound experience in st. Johannes will provide.


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