Restaurant “dornroschen” in schonsreuth rebuffs with request

"The patience thread is already very tense", building committee member frank rubner gave on wednesday to consider. Once again, a building application around the restaurant "dornroschen" was topic of the building and environment committee, which met in its new composition for the first time. The building application for a new toilet facility in the eaves area as well as a 900-square-meter, completely asphalted parking lot was rejected, just as a current sale of the adjacent city-owned land to the builder was denied.

Instead, there were various requirements for the developer. The topic had already occupied not only the town of lichtenfels, but also the district office and the entire village of schonsreuth: in 2016, permission was granted for the conversion and expansion of an existing residential building into a guesthouse with an outdoor bar area of around 30 square meters. One requirement was also to preserve the neighboring biotope.

Against submissions deceased

However, during a site inspection in 2019 it was found that the latter was destroyed as well as a much rougher flat was used for the aubenbetrieb. A "supplemental" building application in july 2019 was rejected. Instead, last fall the district office received a letter of complaint from eight neighbors of the restaurant in question: it was about larvae pollution due to the increase in the number of seats in the eavestrough area, violations of the closing time and parking in the surrounding streets – among other things. In a joint discussion with employees of the district office and building authority as well as affected neighbors, an understanding should be reached: because even if no signatures of the neighbors are required for the approval of such a building application, the complaints could not be ignored.

Andreas hugerich emphasized: "in principle, it is good when restaurants and cafes reestablish themselves in the villages, but we also want to take the neighbors seriously. If there are problems beforehand, this is not a prerequisite for a good atmosphere between the operators and the neighbors."

City builder gerhard pulz spoke of the "enormous dexterity required for this decision". Frank rubner stated that the whole thing was a discretionary decision. If in this case "a lot of things are allowed to pass", other catering establishments have referred to this case and want to follow suit "and rightly so". And although the builder has already reduced some of the seating areas in recent months, that is not enough for the committee. Gerhard pulz said: "the status quo is the lowest common denominator for the time being. A ‘more’ depends on how the neighbors’ participation turns out." The municipal consent for an extension of the "dornroschens was therefore refused. Individual editions exist, for example, in the operating time of the open-air pubs. This ends – in normal operation without corona-related restrictions – at 21.3 p.M. So that the flats are actually cleared at 10 p.M. A right of revocation will be included in the permit in case of repeated violations of neighbor-protective conditions. These are also an important factor for the future of the farm: only after all the neighbors’ signatures in favor of the project have been obtained will a building application for the location and new planning of the toilet facility, and thus also the sale of the city-owned land, be discussed again.

In addition, effective screening is to be created from the neighbor to the south and from the playground area. For the parking lot should be a new "grunerer" plan to be drawn up.

Another controversial issue was the city council’s plan to double the parking time for e-cars in the city area. For example, in pabstenweg next to the doctors’ building, this should henceforth be extended to two hours of free parking. The committee was made up of supporters and opponents of a new "sign forest" or fear a disadvantage of other groups of people, against. Because: there are no designated parking spaces for women or senior citizens in lichtenfels as in other cities. Therefore, no decision was made in this matter, but the administration was instructed to revise the concept.

What was really catching was the information that within the framework of the pilot project of the bavarian state office for the environment "dealing with geogenically elevated material content in the district of lichtenfels, a coarser number of soil samples were taken from arable land, bottomland and, to a lesser extent, forest areas. The lfu has a right of access to the site, and the owners of the land are notified in advance. The change of use of a former guesthouse into a day care center for seniors in lichtenfelser weg in schney also met with broad approval.


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