Red-green-red in hesse at odds over finances and airport

Red-green-red in hesse at odds over finances and airport

The hesse SPD will probably decide in the last days of november with whom it wants to start coalition negotiations, he said in wiesbaden on friday.

In the search for a new hessian state government, a third meeting between the CDU of minister president volker bouffier and the SPD is also scheduled for next week. A fourth round of talks between the CDU and the greens will follow in mid-november. Of the possible governing alliances in hesse, red-green-red had the narrowest majority, with 57 of 110 votes in the state parliament.

"In the question of who governs hesse, we have not found a solution today," said grunen chairman tarek al-wazir after the six-hour talk. Left-wing caucus leader janine wissler was more hopeful: "if we didn't believe it was possible, we wouldn't be doing this."

The SPD and the greens, on the one hand, and the left-wing party, on the other, are arguing about how to solve the roughly 1.5 billion euro annual deficit in the hessian budget. Job cuts in the public sector are a "red line" for the left, says wissler. Later she explained: "we make a difference between teaching positions and positions in the state office for the protection of the constitution."The parties agreed that their financial experts would take another look at the future budget situation before the next round of talks.

Positions on the airport are far apart, the three politicians said after the meeting. The left wants to shut down the new runway in frankfurt again because of the larvae pollution. The greens demand a longer ban on night flights. The SPD is basically in favor of expanding the airport, but wants to put the construction of a third terminal on hold. The rhine-main region must find a new balance between the advantages and disadvantages of the airport, said Schafer-Gumbel.


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