Record sales for action game “gta v”

The new edition of the action game, in which the player slips back into the role of a gangster, went on sale on monday for the game consoles playstation 3 and xbox 360.

Not only for take-two, but also for the game industry, "GTA V" marks a record high. Most recently, the latest installment of the first-person shooter "call of duty," one of activision’s most popular titles, grossed 500 million dollars on its first day in stores. By way of comparison: "avatar", the most successful hollywood film to date, which was released in 2009 as a spectacular 3D flick, grossed a billion dollars – albeit in 17 days.

To cope with the expected rush, many stores had already opened at midnight on the first day of sales. Some online retailers, such as amazon in the uk, had already brought the game to fans before the official launch – much to the displeasure of the game publisher. It will be investigated how this could happen, take-two explained to the games service "gamesindustry.

The equivalent of 600 million euros in sales were achieved even before the game went on sale in japan and brazil, emphasized take-two. The game has received almost exclusively positive reviews so far. With high-quality graphics, the action takes place in almost realistically rendered cities in the U.S.

In "GTA V", the player can slip into the role of three characters to choose from. The task is to complete various missions of a gangster boss and to move through the criminal scene of the fictitious city by stealing cars, for example. There is also an online mode in which players can create their own character and act in parallel with the game action.

"GTA V" has far surpassed its predecessor. In 2009, "grand theft auto IV" grossed 500 million dollars in its first week. However, the development costs of the new sequel were also in the league of a hollywood blockbuster. According to the "financial times," rockstar north, a scottish game developer belonging to take-two, invested around 170 million pounds (a good 200 million euros) in "GTA V".

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