“Punishment” is a bestseller

it seems to make no difference in which literary form the german writer ferdinand von schirach (54) puts his legal and philosophical thoughts down on paper: they become bestsellers! Based on the novels "the collini case (2011) and "taboo (2013), his essay volume "the became untouchable", the theater stucco "terror (2015) or his outstanding philosophical dispute with alexander kluge "the cordiality of reason" (2017), finally came back to "crime" (2009) and "blame (2010) a third volume of short stories "punishment" – out. Easy to read in a few hours, these twelve payments, despite all their shortness, have in their touching profundity more expressiveness than many a thick novel.
In short sentences, without a single ornamental word too many, it's all about "punishment" around the question of what is truth. And schirach is concerned with the personality formation of his so different characters. But the stories are really about ourselves: how we became who we are? There is also in "penalty no good or bad people. Often, the alleged perpetrators are more likely to be victims due to their fate.
It is precisely these philosophical thoughts about the lives of his protagonists, who are nevertheless so normal and human, that distinguish schirach's books from the works of other authors. One spurts in his payments, how the jurist never condemns his characters for their actions up to murder and manslaughter, but feels with them, can at least understand their actions. In these twelve stories he tells of loneliness and strangeness, of striving for that little piece of happiness. Lovers of good literature should not miss this volume of stories.


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