Psychologist gives courage to lebenshilfe employees

Christian N. Is very popular with the kids. At ten years, he has the second-longest service record in gerhardinger kindergarten. It comes from the workshops of lebenshilfe. His place of work is one of the 25 outsourced jobs of the lebenshilfe, through which quite a few find their way into the general labor market.
"The city had long hired him directly, but he lacks formal training as a child care worker", gerhard streit, the psychologist at lebenshilfe, explained the special nature of this job.
Dispute presented in front of the forum for people with disabilities "integra the model for the transition from sheltered workshops to the general labor market. Around 300 people with disabilities work in the lebenshilfe workshops. Two are in forchheim and two in weilersbach. Those of you who are interested in and confident about a regular job can gain access to the general workforce through internships. Because even a person with disabilities has the right to earn his own living, streit explained.

Piasten and siemens are hiring

25 people are currently making use of it: three of them will move to a normal employee position this year. One in the city's building yard, another as a warehouse clerk for an online company in the district. Dispute had more such places to grow into. Estimated are activities in the social and domestic sphere, through which professional staff can be relieved.
For example, the companies piasten and siemens also have jobs in the industrial sector. The job at the praline manufacturer is similar to the work in the workshops, where mainly assembly, disassembly and packaging work is carried out. They are gladly accepted.
The job at siemens also fits into this category, said streit. But it requires a very good eyesight. "I couldn't do it anymore", the mid-fifties man. So the number of suitable applicants remains small. Dispute of a young woman who liked this activity well. But she had to give it up again because of a long illness. The "changers are not left alone. You have godfathers in the companies. These are employees who "sometimes help them out", describes dispute it. In addition, the job coaches from lebenshilfe also drop in on them.
If possible, streit motivates young people at lebenshilfe when they have just finished vocational school. "Here, however, one must take into account the developmental delay in mentally handicapped people." And, in the case of the mentally ill, the fluctuations in their performance capacity.
The route via integra has special protective mechanisms for this – beyond work support. So a return to work in the workshops is possible at any time, or even just part-time employment on the open market.

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