Pretzfeld’s cherry festival is a feast for enthusiasts

"Again a mol is drom da ranga ogstochn", which means that on friday at 6 pm the first mayor rose, strongly assisted by simon friedrich, commercial manager of the brewery rittmayer, tapped the first barrel of kirschenfest beer with four athletic klupfel-beats.

Three thunderous shots from the community cannon were fired by gunner rudolf wild to mark this ceremonial act. Many festival visitors watched the start of the festival in the warm summer evening under the tall pine trees.

For the new cherry queen marina I. A 26-year-old business administration graduate, it was her first rough gig. She mastered it bravouros. Nevertheless she admitted with a charming smile "i do have a little bit of stage fright to speak a grub word in front of such a big audience".

Cherries have been important in the fink family for generations, and so the red fruits were already laid in marina's cradle. "Kordia" is her favorite variety, as this cherry is not quite as firm and represents a middle ground between crunchy and soft, and "on top of that, it's aromatic and pleasantly sub", says marina I.

Sunday started with the catholic service in the kellerwald with dean marcus wolf and the trombone choirs wannbach and hetzelsdorf. The sermon was preached by pastor matthias haag of the evangelic church community hetzelsdorf.

For dean wolf it was the last official service on the festival ground, because he will leave pretzfeld in autumn and will be active in bamberg in the future. The 200 or so people who attended the event were somewhat moved when he concluded by saying: "I am very concerned about ecumenism, which I have been able to demand here for twelve years".
The following fruhschoppen was musically framed by the music club pretzfeld.

Punctually at 14 o'clock three bollerschusse gave the starting signal for the record-breaking procession of 40 groups through pretzfeld. At the request of the participants, a meeting procession was formed, because before in the midday heat the mountain road to the festival area in the cellar forest was managed, the procession, which is organized every five years, first moved out the egloffsteiner road, whereby after the turn at the exit of the village all participants of the procession passed each other and waved – because only in this way the groups of participants could see each other once.

Refreshment from the syringe
The participants were more comfortable on the floats decorated with cherry branches or on the oldtimer tractors, which were admired by many spectators. The men of the bretzfeld/baden wurttemberg volunteer fire department, bitzfeld department, were the ones who had to sweat.

First and foremost, the head of the historical group, rolf kern, together with the syringe, which dates back to 1872, from which the surprised spectators at the side of the road received a pleasantly wet cooling. The uniforms with brass helmets from the year 1800 were worn.

Firefighters brigitte thor and brigitte masucci were also part of the party. "Because of our private and close connection to local families (for example to oldburg master walter zeibler) we like to come from baden to pretzfeld."

Even if they are used to baden wine for celebrating, they now also like the taste of french beer. Fire was not to be extinguished, nevertheless also the voluntary fire department pretzfeld with a fire extinguisher from the year 1882 participated in the procession.

Five dance performances by various french-swiss clubs, the children's dance groups gobweinstein, obertrubach, leutenbach and the heiligenstadter schneckla rounded off the program. From the friendly twin town bretzfeld alone about 150 guests had come. The festival will end on wednesday.


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