Plastic gauze on the field near memmelsdorf

The current and explosive topic of microplastics immediately occurred to the attentive burgher when he was on the road near memmelsdorf and discovered a field covered in plastic shreds. "Microplastic farming???", he wrote in the concern of an e-mail, which he addressed to the landratsamt and the local editorship of the french day. And after a detailed description of the condition, he asked the ironic question: "or does the farmer bring the garden waste together with the torn and partially rotten foils into the field as manure??"

The impressions of the reader that it looks as if "on the garden waste wall also by gardeners not sold plant material in black plastic cups and appropriate packaging foil etc. Is being dumped". Thrown away" and the wind then "blows the foils all around the field and the adjacent hedges" the FT editor was not the only one to confirm this on site. Even employees of the waste law and environmental protection departments of the district office came to the conclusion during a site inspection, which was immediately scheduled, that there was a violation of waste law regulations here.

Origin not clarified

The land is not an official collection point, but a private property, the district office emphasizes. "This means that no burger is allowed to dump green/garden waste – and of course any other waste – there. Whoever does this nevertheless commits a misdemeanor." For the employees, the situation is that the landowner stores waste from his company there until it is recycled. But: "plastic waste on the field is not allowed at all", jurgen pfister, head of waste management, clarifies.

From whom the plastic waste comes, however, is no longer exactly ascertainable, probably partly from the owner and partly from illegal deliveries. It can therefore be assumed that the site is also used by other people for disposal – which is not permitted. However, according to the district office, the owner himself is cooperative and wants to comply with the request to remove the plastic waste. The district office will control this.

But also as far as possible contamination by third parties is concerned, the landowner is responsible, pfister emphasizes. That is the legal situation. "If someone throws an old sofa on my property, then I become a litter owner." And if there was already something there and the land was freely accessible, of course others could get the idea of dumping something there as well. Therefore, among other things, it is now being examined whether the owner must, for example, make the area inaccessible. So far, there is only an inconspicuous small sign "debris unloading prohibited" on the access road, which is anyway forbidden for motor vehicles.

It will also be examined whether permits are already required for the storage of landfill material. The question is whether and to what extent it is possible in principle to store green and garden waste at this site. However, there are no results yet, because there are still various questions to be clarified with the owner.

Illegal waste disposal

No matter what is valid for the owner, it is far from being valid for others. It is generally forbidden for anyone else to dump anything there. Also no grungut. "If anyone should come to our attention in this connection, the district office will initiate administrative offence proceedings", it is clear from there. Not to mention other gauze of course.

A comparable case is not known at present, the press office communicates on inquiry. "In principle, however, there are always a number of cases of illegal waste disposal in the district, which are reported to us by various parties (police, nature conservation watch, municipalities, private individuals)", it says. The first step on the part of the district office is then to find the causer, often in cooperation with the police.

Then a waste law procedure would begin, with the primary goal of obliging the polluter to remove the waste and dispose of it properly – against proof. Depending on the procedure, a penalty notice will be issued. If this is not possible because the perpetrator remains unknown, the waste must be removed at the expense of the general public.


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