Parzefalls have a giant crib in the living room

Where the parzefall family's sofa usually stands, a gigantic landscape of moss, stones, houses and figures has been erected. The entire living room is decorated every year from the first advent until maria lichtmess (2. February) converted into a 16 square meter crib. A special eye-catcher is a waterfall.

From year to year, it gets rougher and rougher
It all started more than 25 years ago with a simple plastic crib. Then father karl-heinz discovered his passion for designing and the crib landscape became more and more coarse. "The crib has secretly grown by a few centimeters year after year. My husband probably thought I wouldn't notice", laughs his wife ursula. That's why the space in the winter garden was soon no longer sufficient and the miniature landscape was moved into the living room. For ten years the nursery has now taken on about this ausmab. "It really doesn't get any rougher than this", the passionate crib maker admits with a look at the full living room.

"We look forward all year to setting up the crib in december, but in february we're glad to see it go", says his wife ursula.
The nursery is now home to a total of 52 people and around 300 animals. "These are the christmas presents of the last 25 years", the couple tells. They bought the figures from magnus klee in bamberg, among others, and gave them to each other as gifts. "Some of the craftsmen we had made according to our ideas. Before there were only maria and josef, the shepherds and the three kings. Now our figures were even included in the catalog", says the 57-year-old proudly.

In the meantime, the people of ebermannstadt mainly buy naked figures, which ursula parzefall dresses herself. "I have nothing to do with tailoring in principle. This is a torture for me", she says. But the difference between self-dressed and purchased figures can be seen only at very close look. They are also proud of their ox. "We bought it at the flea market. The seller had asked us if one euro was too expensive", the two laugh.

Highlight is the waterfall
The tailor shop, the tavern and the bakery are also unique. "The children made the houses themselves", tells karl-heinz parzefall. Work brings the family together. "On two sundays in november, we go out together to collect moss", he says. Son jonas glad to help with the construction of the crib. Above all, the technology is the merit of the 16-year-old. Without him, the many small lights would not shine and the waterfall would not stay lit. The latter was integrated into the landscape in 1995. He has already caused damage several times. "There has already been a cable fire and flooding. What is still missing is a landslide", jokes the former janitor of the middle school ebermannstadt.

There is also a muhle in the manger. This is reminiscent of the home of the parzefall family, also a moulin. Parzefall is not yet satisfied with the reconstruction: "the mill wheel moves only with electricity. But in the next few years it should turn by itself."

Visitors are cordially invited
Every year the crib is set up a little differently. "The neighbors always notice it right away", says ursula parzefall. "Whoever wants to see the crib is welcome to come by anytime", emphasizes the couple living at breitenbacher strabe 2.

School classes and kindergarten groups also often come to admire it. "We have to put chairs for the kindergarten children so that they can see something", the two of them. While the little ones admire the individual figures and various animals, the schoolchildren are more interested in the technical aspects, such as the waterfall.

During a visit, a teacher asked his pupils: "have you ever seen such a rough crib??" "Of course", one of the schoolboys answered. "Here, last year in the parzefall family living room."


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