Party note: district spd supports district administrator

At a joint meeting of the district association and the district parliamentary group of the SPD in the district of kitzingen, district administrator tamara bischof was on hand to answer questions. District chairman heinz galuschka and parliamentary group chairman robert finster had invited the district administrator to an exchange of ideas in order to sound out possible further support, as it says in a communication of the SPD.

For the district association and the district parliamentary group, tamara bischof has been in office for 18 years, is a professional and not a bit shy about office. She had proved this in a 40-minute free speech, in which she took a stand on the most important topics in the district: schools, education, social affairs, families, the environment, climate and energy, the public transport system and the main loop railroad.

In the past few years, several motions and concerns of the SPD faction in the district council have been decided and implemented. Examples are the climate protection concept or the proposal on nature conservation and biodiversity. The SPD has also set an important focus for the district in education with its proposal for the "integrated education" concept. Schools and daycare centers are also always an important issue for the SPD faction, for which the preservation of the balance between social, ecological and economic issues is a major concern.

The district administrator had given clear answers to subsequent questions from members of the district executive and the parliamentary group, for example on digitalization, water problems with further climate warming or sand and gravel mining in the district. She emphasized that she is still interested in the good cooperation with the SPD-fraction.

The circle federation spoke out in the connection for supporting landratin tamara bischof also in its fourth term of office, as it finally in the press release states.

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