In theisenort and oberlangenstadt, the next steps will be taken to pave the way

As part of the village renewal of theisenort, the two local roads "gypsmuhlstrabe" are to be redesigned and "krebsbachstrabe by the market kups fundamentally renewed. This also concerns the underground network of sewers and drinking water pipes as well as the existing rainwater sewers.

This project has a total cost volume of two million euros, with a 90 percent requirement of 1.7 million euros from the state of bavaria. The market kups will be left with an own contribution of around 250,000 euros for both roads. The call for tenders for the tree inspections is issued by the office for rural development in bamberg.

The week: rainy flirt-factor

The week: rainy flirt-factor

What a prediction: first thunderstorm. Possibly also unwetter. Then it did not stop raining for three days.

So similar as predicted by the weather forecast came then also. It was felt once again autumn, the father’s day of all things went down. Instead of humid and joyful rather humid and joyful. The visit to the wine festival in nordheim had to be cancelled, as did a trip to the wurzburger weindorf, where this year’s motto "flirting with wine" led to the assumption that the event could have been sponsored by a singles agency.

Away from the christmas rush

away from the christmas rush

Advent concerts – not again, it’s always the same. Some will say in the pre-christmas rush. Somehow that may be so. The brass band of markt burkardroth and the burkardroth choir proved that there is another way on sunday afternoon in the burkardroth "st" parish church. Peter in chains. The listeners were surprised how they could slow down and get ready for the festive season thanks to an unusual program. The organizers succeeded in giving a concert that was not an everyday occurrence, and the audience in the parish church, which was filled to capacity, was enthusiastic right from the start.

Already the introduction with the bombastic work "ukrainian bell carol" by the blaservereinigung markt burkardroth, under the musical direction of manuela moller, was a bang to get out of the hectic christmas time. Impressive was also the interpretation of "comfort ye my people" and "every valley" from "the messiah by georg friedrich handel. Voluminous and soulfully intoned manuela moller succeeded in a wonderful interpretation, which impressed.

Fit in the Steigerwald

Fit in the steigerwald

Music sounds from a small box: dynamic rhythms, fast beats. Four different colored iso mats lie next to each other. The ladies’ sportswear is also colorful. At a rough distance from each other, the course participants hold a forearm. They look concentrated, the strain is written all over their faces – but they all hold out. Lara benkert’s instructions are clear: "tuck in your belly. Keeping tension. Five, four, three, two, one, and down." The instructor offers bodyfit today: strength exercises that also burn fat reserves – quite classic, actually. What is unusual, however, is the location of the training session at the "stabile" health center in trossenfurt taking place today: in the parking lot behind the building.

Bavaria loosens spat

8.6 Billion since 1990 for urban development in the east – seehofer pledges demand “at a high level

The federal government has supported urban development in eastern germany with almost 8.6 billion euros since reunification. At the opening of the nationwide urban development day in leipzig on saturday, federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) said the demand would continue "at a high level" to.

Germany is running out of sand – building will become more expensive?

Animal welfare association for meat levy of up to 20 cents per kilo

Animal welfare association for meat levy of up to 20 cents per kilo

In the discussion about higher meat prices, the german animal protection association has spoken out in favor of a special purpose levy on meat.

Association president thomas schroder told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung": "we need a fixed meat levy, which is added to the price. The money can be used to finance the necessary conversion of animal husbandry."

Trump promises palastinians their own state

Trump promises palastinians their own state

In his middle east plan, U.S. President donald trump holds out the prospect of a state of their own for the palastinians – but with considerable concessions.

The plan should lead to a "realistic two-state solution" for israel and the palastinians, trump said tuesday during a joint appearance with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the weiben house. Netanyahu said to trump: "their deal of the century is the opportunity of the century. Rest assured that israel will not miss this opportunity." The plan was published after months of delay.

German industry continues to weaken

German industry continues to weaken

It was the second decline in a row. In a year-on-year comparison, it was even the ninth decline in a row. Bank economists explained the slowdown as being due, among other things, to the weak global economy and international trade conflicts.

Compared with the same month last year, production fell by 4.2 percent. Because production has already been falling for three quarters of a year in this view, numerous analysts are talking about an industrial recession.

Bumper stickers and a name for the autobahn church at the thuringer tor parking lot

bumper stickers and a name for the autobahn church at the thuringer tor parking lot

"Unity church… Church of unity… Church of peace…" And some more ideas were mentioned. In the end, it was decided to start a kind of competition and ask the people who visit the house of worship to suggest a name. " In addition a box is to be set up in the spring, in which suggestions can be thrown in.

There are 47 churches and chapels along germany’s highways. All of them are simply called autobahn church. "Why shouldn’t our church get a name there"?, it was quickly agreed. St. Christopher is the patron saint of motorists, so the church could be named after him, but the small church on the A71 is also a sign of unity and growing together as well as a place of remembrance. Now we hope this year for good suggestions from the churchgoers.

Suspicious video: grafenberg resident thomas muller leaves the csu

Ekkehard roepert grafenberg- thomas muller has resigned from the CSU local chairmanship with immediate effect – and will also leave the party. As reported, muller was caught in the crossfire of criticism in february: facebook posts by the local CSU chairman from grafenberg suggested that he had taken part in incitement against democracy. Muller then apologized and distanced himself from the posts.

But over the weekend, muller’s CSU career in grafenberg came to an abrupt end. A video recording became an embarrassment to him. The video from november 2018 shows thomas muller in the circle of a group singing the song "auf kreta im sturm und im regen" (on crete in the storm and in the rain) sings. At the end of the song there is an unknown person showing the hitler-grub.