Paderborn organ connects generations

Paderborn organ connects generations

The instrument was built in 1859 by the paderborn organ builder august randebrock. Among others, wilhelm hey is named as an assistant on the organ, who, according to the old documents, "founded his own business in sondheim/rhon in 1874 after finishing his work as a foreman at randebrock". For the management team of the rhon organ building company, the order from paderborn has also brought the project full circle. In addition to the company headquarters in urspringen in der rhon, the company has operated a branch in paderborn since 2007. Actually at the birthplace of the rhon organ building, because exactly there the company founder wilhelm hey learned the organ building trade. In the meantime, the organ building family is in its sixth generation and more than 250 organ projects have come from the rhon workshop. In the past months, the professional restoration and reconstruction of the paderborn randebrock organ was on the agenda here.

The organ has mechanical slider chests with transverse shafts, frames and playing parts. Junior boss christian hey, who is committed to the "paderborn organ" project the fact that the company is jointly responsible for the construction of the organs points to the extensive use of high-quality woods. Oak wood was used for many parts of the organ, as well as very good spruce and fruit wood for the wooden pipes and action parts. The paderborn organ is a side-playing, purely mechanical organ. What was noticeable here was the lead abrasion on the historic metal pipes, the so-called "cancer on the organ metal", explains christian hey. Here was a lot to do, because the infested areas had to be cut off and readjusted with plumb material. The organ has 18 sounding stops with 1035 wooden and metal organ pipes.

For the reconstruction of the paderborn organ christian hey was looking for an instrument of the same type, preferably from the same period of construction. He researched among other things in the internet and found an extensive documentation of a randebrock organ in bendigo, australia. It dates from 1871 and is almost identical in construction to the paderborn organ. This was a stroke of luck for the organ builder, who was now able to restore the various components to their original condition. Among other things, this included the complete reconstruction of the keyboards and bellows. All this was possible on the basis of historical text and picture documents. Among other things, he also used so-called scale tables, which are still available from the company founder wilhelm hey and are recorded on a kind of wooden board. They came from his creative time in paderborn.


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