Otto waldrich honored with donor bust

Otto waldrich honored with donor bust

The honor was crowned by the unveiling of the founder's own bust, crafted in terracotta by nurnberg sculptor eva hermann.

In front of a rough crowd of official congratulators, the director of the coburg art collections, klaus weschenfelder, the chairman of the state foundation, the coburg 2. Mayor norbert tessmer and vice-president petra platzgummer-martin of the government of upper franconia emphasized that the museum, which is respected throughout europe, would not exist without waldrich's three million donation and the association of a number of other sponsors in the glass museum foundation, which opened in 2008. They also emphasized waldrich's stubborn approach in the face of the bavarian locksmith's administration's firm rejection of the planned new building .

Side hustle to munchen
The former bavarian finance minister kurt faltlhauser loved to review the events of that time, up to the point when he had turned against his own officials and determined the new building including the place in the landscape. To applause, he called out to the schlosser administration in munich: "it would be appropriate if your president were present today."

However, this invitation also failed to meet with any response, which once again prompted otto waldrich to exclaim in his words of thanks: "lowe move, turn around for once instead of always sweeping over us with the tail puff." Waldrich did not fail to thank all his supporters.

Norbert tessmer also asked, referring to waldrich's more than 40 years of sponsorship: "what would the cultural landscape in the region look like without your commitment??" (see also tageblatt of 10. September). Tessmer called waldrich a "competent person with a rare quality, above all with a sense of responsibility". He has proven this time and again, and not only as a company boss. "Otto waldrich has more than rendered outstanding services to his hometown and the coburg region."


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