On a treasure hunt in the eltmanner wuhlkiste

Franz richl from furnbach comes to the wuhlkiste in eltmann twice a month. Not just because it's on his shopping route. "Here one finds again and again qualitatsvolle things", says the 73-year-old. This time he has had special luck: he has stumbled upon a collection of art prints. "They just came in today", says saleswoman karin grunewald. Franz richl does not take long: "such things are relatively rare to find." Two of the pictures he wants to hang up at home.

Better than throwing away
He thinks it is good that there is the wuhlkiste. "It's better than throwing things on the garbage heap. Someone else might be able to do something with it." This is also good for people who have to look a little more at the money, he says. This also corresponds to the basic idea behind the wuhlkiste: "everyone has household goods that are no longer needed but are too good to throw away", says wolfgang aull from the waste management department of the habberge district. "It makes you feel good when things are passed on to someone who is happy to receive them."

It has to be neat and tidy
Apartment dissolutions, relocations, or the rough mucking out – the "wuhlkiste" is also a good way to avoid mull, explains wolfgang aull. But the trodel must be in perfect condition: "we accept only neat things. Everything must also be in one piece and somewhat complete." A jigsaw puzzle can also be "re-puzzled" in case of need, he says and laughs. He attaches great importance to the quality of the products. 2000 the first wuhlkiste opened in habfurt. After a few years, others followed in eltmann, ebern and hofheim. The concept of the operator, the waste management company of the district, is a success. The authority has also created new jobs. Like the one by karin grunewald.

"I wanted to support a good cause." Since a few months she works in the wuhlkiste in hofheim. Today she takes over the vacation replacement in eltmann. In the troll store, karin grunewald from hainert can decorate and design, which she likes to do, as well as sort and organize.

In the book corner all the works are in different categories. "So that you can find your way around." Novels and books on the subjects of health and cooking go down particularly well.

For ahmad namavizadeh and asal mousavi, the visit to the wuhlkiste has paid off again. The iranian parchen takes this time a few glass frames for his pictures with him. The two have been living in eltmann for half a year now. "We come here every two weeks", says the 28-year-old. "We always find something nice."

Always something new on the shelf
The assortment is always different. Depending on the season there is a different decoration. "We need little storage space", says wolfgang aull. When dishes, records, books or toys are handed in, the sellers clean everything before putting it on the shelves. Those who bring something are paid by weight.

"It's worth it"
Richl Franz also found some new old books for his collection and a special songbook. The 74-year-old goes through all the boat rental boxes at least twice a year, the former teacher says with a smile. "It is always worth it", female richl.


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