On a journey through time with an open aperture

On a journey through time with an open aperture

Eckehard kiesewetter ebern – man is a collector and a hunter. The foto-creativ-kreis took advantage of this when it called on its members to take part in a photo rally at its summer festival. In the competition was to collect motives and to push with the camera at this date in june.

The hunt took place in the area of the former county of ebern. This was one of the rules of the game, which the club leadership around the chairman steffen schanz had come up with, since it was a competition with a concrete occasion: for 40 years the "photo-creatives" have been active as a club in ebern and the surrounding area – a "jubilee, that the approximately 90 members with a row of offers celebrate.

At the rally premiere, the active participants were to face a different challenge than in the club championship, the competition for the picture of the month or in the themed competitions offered since 2017: this time there was a time limit, as it was said at the award ceremony hieb.

For three and a half hours, the club sent its members on a hunt for motifs worth seeing on three themes: "french", "german" and "english", "framed" and "reflections. Each member was allowed to submit two pictures per topic (edited on the computer as desired). Ten members delivered their photo hunting trophies in the end. Members of the photo club from sonneberg, which is a friend of the eberners, acted as the jury.

The winners of the photo rally were presented by chairman schanz on sunday on the occasion of a lecture evening in the xaver-mayr-gallery, where pictures from ebern’s past were on display. Photographs documenting the history of the kugelfischerwerk (later FTE and more recently valeo). The guests were particularly enthusiastic about the "ebern originals", personalities who are well known in the city and some of whom have long since died. The pictorial journey into the past also brings to life events such as the very first old town festival in ebern or long-lost groups such as the mannergesangverein (a singing society).


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