No more spare parts: bad kissingen fire department needs new fire engine

State honors are awarded in bavaria’s fire departments and even in all of germany after 25 years of service. At least, that’s how it’s done in the volunteer fire departments with the active firefighters. However, experience has shown that vehicles, especially standard emergency vehicles, are taken out of service after 25 years of operation.

This is how it is done in most of the fire departments in the district of bad kissingen, even if some fire departments are still "old-timers" in their geratehausern have, so these are usually only "second vehicles" or the fire brigade is really so small that it is only called out every few years for serious emergencies.

The tanker of the bad kissingen fire brigade, on the other hand, is different: he is now 32 years old and goes out on almost every fire call when the fire alarm is sounded. 31 times this was the case last year alone, explained district and city fire chief harald albert at the annual general meeting of the core city fire department held on friday.

As kissingen commander harald albert explained further, the tanker was still the most common and most important vehicle until 2006, but then the fire fighting vehicles also received a water tank (albeit a smaller one). With its 2500 liter water tank, the tanker is ideal for fires on the highway, forest and brush fires as well as "normal" fires firefighting is an ideal vehicle that should now be replaced by a new emergency response vehicle 10 or a rescue group vehicle 20 kats, says albert.

It was not the mileage, rust or pure age that made itself felt in the tanker, which was over 30 years old, but the procurement of spare parts, which in some cases the tuv demanded. A problem that is also known in the neighboring district fire department of garitz. Can nevertheless their, likewise over 30 years old, loschgruppenfahrzeug in the winter generally only with snow chains ausrucken – special winter tires are for the oldie no more erhaltlich and thus in november the chains are put on and at the beginning of march again taken off.

"We are well equipped, but not over-equipped", so albert, who sees the blame for obsolete vehicles at the core city fire brigade not only in the lack of funds. A replacement for the tankloscher would be from 250.000 euro, could one agree on a loschgruppenfahrzeug 20 kats, came it evtl. Even a little more favorable, since this type of vehicle is to be built nationwide in rough quantities.

Rough new purchases have also been postponed because there have been considerable cartel problems in the past with several of the few specialist companies that supply fire-fighting vehicles, and the courts have yet to rule on the matter.

Finally, the people of kissing are not only looking for a replacement for the tanker, but also the command vehicle is getting on in years, and in 2012 it was on the road for 157 blue-light runs. In the past year, the fire department in kissingen had a total of 341 first responder incidents, including 51 fire incidents with three major fires. Only in the year 2003 there were with 55 fires in the last 18 years more pure loscheinsatzes. The fire brigade has been called out 137 times for technical assistance and 43 times for "human error", false alarms were the reason for the call-out. In addition there were more than 110 security guards for various events.

But joyful events were also announced at the general meeting: the fire department was able to register three new members, stefan hauer was honored for 25 years, thomas schafer for 30 years and hans muller for 40 years of active service, and max weigand also received an award for his 60 years of membership in the volunteer fire department of bad kissingen.

Alexander beck, peter kramer, julian metz, sebastian pawlak (all in bronze), and andreas krober and peter kaidel in silver received the badge of honor of the volunteer fire department of the city of bad kissingen. Harald albert, who has been in charge of the kissingen fire brigade since 1997, received the gold award.

"Always at ball height be the fire department", the mayor of the city, kay blankenburg, attested the active players and "it’s fun to work together with them, it gives a feeling of security". Similar efforts were made by KBI peter sell for the district fire brigade, first police chief alfons hausmann, helmut rink for THW and red cross, and bernd czelustek for the district fire brigades.


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