Monti wants to lead center alliance in italy’s election campaign

Monti wants to lead center alliance in italy's election campaign

He accepted the nomination as head of such a coalition, the 69-year-old announced in rome on friday evening. Monti thus entered the election campaign one week after his resignation. As a lifetime senator, the nonpartisan economics professor cannot run for office. But he could be tasked with forming the government after the election.

The parties of the center had given him "credible and ample support" for the reform program he had presented last weekend, monti said. The head of the previous expert government had consulted with the christian democrats, various members of his government, dissenters from the center-right and center-left parties, and ferrari boss luca cordero di montezemolo.

As a minister-presidential contender, the 69-year-old economist is competing in the elections on 24. And 25. February with his running mate silvio berlusconi of the center-right bloc and democratic party (PD) chief pier luigi bersani, who leads a center-left alliance and has the best chance of forming a government, according to recent polls.

The bloc led by bersani’s PD currently came to around 40 percent. But he did not have a majority in the senate and could depend on an alliance under monti, whose alliance could get to 10 to 15 percent. Berlusconi’s alliance, including the right-wing populist lega nord, is currently polling at 20 to 25 percent.

Berlusconi sharply attacked monti after his announcement. He wants to continue the austerity policy that has done so much damage to italy, he criticized in an interview after media reports on saturday. "Monti is turning himself into bersani’s spare wheel," he said. In addition, monti had broken his promise not to place himself in the political center as head of a technocrat government.

Monti, on the other hand, had already received support from the influential catholic church shortly before his announcement. "Everyone recognizes his sincerity and competence, both in italy and abroad," said the president of the italian bishops’ conference, cardinal angelo bagnasco.

Monti, an economist, had taken over the government after berlusconi resigned as prime minister in november 2011 to lead the eurozone country out of crisis. He introduced numerous reforms. However, the people’s approval of his policies suffered from the cutbacks.


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