Merger proposals keep the spvgg busy

The spvgg untersteinbach held its annual general meeting in the sports center. Chairman karl zimmermann gave his annual report in front of 20 members.
From a sporting point of view, it has been a very eventful year for the spvgg, with many highs and lows, he said. The first fubball team did well at the beginning of the preliminary round, but the team's performance dropped a bit. But we must continue to "stay on the ball", he hopes that the sporting success will come again.
Furthermore, zimmermann emphasized the good youth work in the association, which is carried out together with the SC geusfeld. A total of eleven junior teams will take part in the 2017/18 season. With pride one could say, so zimmermann, that all teams were in the front. The problem in the youth area, however, is the lack of trainers.
Second treasurer otmar behringer informed that the club is financially on "healthy feet" despite some liabilities, which one has because of the sport home building at the sports association stand.
The reports for the first and the second soccer team were given by gerd zimmermann. As a problem with the reserve, the speaker said that there is always a lack of players in the games, although there is a joint venture with the SC geusfeld.

Further reports

The report for the korbball teams was given by the leader ulrike ruttinger. The SG untersteinbach/geusfeld's hoops team currently consists of 64 girls and young women who compete in four age groups.
Karl zimmermann informed the members that there is an inquiry from the neighboring club SC koppenwind, whether a consortium of the two clubs is possible. He was of the opinion that for this project first a consultation with the SC geusfeld, with which in the second team already a play community existed, was necessary.
According to zimmermann, a merger of the first and second teams is under consideration. We must "keep the doors open in all directions", he said, because the acute shortage of players affects all clubs in the lower fubball divisions. Honorary chairman gunther graf said that it would be best if all three clubs (spvgg untersteinbach, SC geusfeld as well as SC koppenwind) merge to form a SG. He pointed out that there were not enough players for three teams. Chairman zimmermann suggested that the three chairmen of the associations concerned should discuss the issue before a decision was made. 

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