Matthias engel takes over the banner

Matthias engel takes over the banner

There was a change at the top of the association of reservists of the german armed forces (vdrbw) during the regular elections. Matthias engel was elected to replace frank heim, who headed the upper franconia-north district group for eight years. Frank heim no longer stood for election for professional reasons. Engel's deputies are bernd kraus and the previous chairman frank heim. The treasury will also be managed by rudolf mager in the future. Auditors are gunter fichtmuller and theo taubmann. Secretary is bernd bruckner.

The new man at the head of the district group, matthias engel, is 47 years old and belongs to the reservist comradeship steinachtal. In the past four years, he has acted as frank heim's deputy together with bernd radlo (nordhalben) and bernd kraus (lichtenfels). After bernd radlo also did not stand for re-election, bernd kraus and frank heim were elected as the two deputies.

The top priority
"I know the association's work from the bottom to the top", said matthias engel. He has also served as second chairman of his local group for more than eight years. "The ultimate goal must be that the voluntary reserve work in the flat persists", according to engel. To achieve this, structures had to be created that would make the civil-military cooperation (ZMZ) strong. The withdrawal of the bundeswehr from the area poses a particular problem. As a result, there are no longer any military service members available. To compensate for this, regional security and support forces (RSUKR) were being established in the meantime. The older comrades also had to be addressed and integrated, said engel.

As the outgoing district chairman frank heim said in his last report, many things have changed in the past years in the federal armed forces, but also in the reservist association. "The consequences were highs and lows in the volunteer reservist work with some sleepless nights. The number of service events organized by the bundeswehr has fallen sharply, and events have simply been canceled." On the other hand, the number of events organized by the reservist association had increased. He described the holding of a "reservists' day" as a high point. The number of weapons training courses has fallen from three to one due to cost-cutting measures by the bundeswehr. He wished that the current compromise decision would continue to be applied, to hold this event every year in alternation in nordhalben and hochstadt.

A strong force
As heim went on to say, care should generally be taken to distribute events in the flat area. "We have a strong force spread across the districts of kronach, coburg and lichtenfels".

The district competitions are held jointly with the neighboring district group of upper franconia, but are judged separately. The number of members in the district group is declining, as is the national trend. In 2005, when heim took over the district association, the number of members was 920; now it is only 806. He cited resignations, deaths and expulsions from the association as the reasons for this. The recruitment of new members has been extremely difficult since the suspension of compulsory military service. But nevertheless, every now and then people were interested in the voluntary reservist work. However, this was not enough to compensate for the shortfall. The number of reservist comradeships has risen to 17 with the new formation of the RK rodachtal this year. Special attention must also be paid in the future to sliding sports. "Everything has to fit here, from the training of the guards to the sliding operation and compliance with the regulations and laws. From what I've observed during my time in office, everything has always worked out perfectly", Frank heim said.


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