Knife discovered in backpack

Knife discovered in backpack

Kirchehrenbach – the CSU kirchehrenbach invited people to visit nurnberg airport as part of the community vacation program. 25 participants set off for nurnberg, where they were already awaited at the airport for a security check.
Already the entrance control, like boarding an airplane, fascinated the children and young people. A forgotten pocket knife in the backpack gave one young man a queasy feeling when it was discovered by the scanner.
During the one-hour tour of the airport by bus, the children and young people learned about the albrecht durer airport with many background details. From checking in and loading the planes, looking into the rough hangars and repair halls, to watching take-offs and landings directly on the tarmac and a direct ride on the runway, everything was on offer.
Further on to the airport fire department. Here, after a brief safety explanation, a guided tour showed the entire bandwidth that the fire department has to cover at the airport. The highlight was the inspection of the vehicles, which was interrupted by an actual operation – it was suddenly necessary to send out an ambulance. Also the demonstration with a coarse airport lorry impressed by the enormous water jet.
After a joint snack, the group returned home with many new impressions and information. The many inquiries of the participants showed the interest in the offered program. Next year, the CSU will once again be offering a vacation program.


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