“Jutour” brings variety to schools

"Find your goal is the motto, and already nine arrows are whizzing and buzzing through the hollow gymnasium air, and before the spectator knows it, the arrows have found their target: they bore into it. And right in the middle of it.

Celina bitiqi, daniela bombeschko, jana tomaszek, isabella spatz, jennifer hahnlein and sandy-marie austin are trying their hand at archery for only the third time today – and hitting the targets they've set up in the gymnasium of their school, the hugo von trimberg school, like professionals.

The girls were taught this by werner stein and steffen dull from the BDKJ. "When pushing the bow, you have to keep both eyes on the target, not close one eye or anything like that", explains stein. That's what he and his colleague want the students in two tenth grades to learn in their everyday lives: to find their goal, to keep their eyes on it, and to overcome any obstacles that may arise. But also other key skills such as concentration and discipline.

Social skills and goals
The project takes place within the framework of normal sports lessons. Sports teacher barbara pottler finds that on the one hand "against the sporting background" great, because pushing the bow is a sport that never existed in school sports. On the other hand, she also finds the motto "find your goal" good, especially for their female students who are about to graduate and have to decide what to do with their lives after school.

The wide range of skills that the schoolchildren learn in such activities hanne engert-alt from bamberg's city youth association also emphasizes the importance of the project: "social skills and the personalities of the students are strengthened, and other forms of interaction are established within the school…", list the objectives of the project. But it's also about "anchoring youth work in schools," explains stein.

The introduction to archery is part of a larger project, which is led by hanne engert-alt: jutour. The concept: associations and clubs that are represented in the city youth ring take individual modules from their 'normal' program and offer them as modules to schools.

The schools, on the other hand, can select from the range of activities offered by the stadtjugendring what best suits their students and the respective spatial and temporal conditions at the school. There are so different offers available like ju-jutsu, first aid courses or communication and conflict resolution models – or just archery. The modules are limited in time; the duration ranges from two to 14 school hours.

Only a small amount of extra work for the schools
the advantage for the schools: they don't have to worry about anything. The city youth ring organizes letters to parents, and the members of the association lead the modules on a voluntary and self-employed basis. The school only provides the rooms – it was not even necessary for a teacher to be present. Beyond that, no long-term commitment is made: after the end of a module, it is discussed together with the participants, and with that the cooperation ends.

For the girls of the M-train of the trimberg-school it is already their last time at bow and arrow. Their conclusion is positive: they all agree that it was "something new" and also "something special.

Principal martin schricker explains that this was precisely the purpose of the arc push: "this is an additional offer within the framework of the differentiated sports lessons." This means that there are no grades in this class "and it is independent of the curriculum, with one hour a week per grade". The aim is to introduce students to sports other than those normally practiced in school sports.
"Actually it should be obligatory for all schools to offer such an additional offer", he notes cautiously. But due to a lack of teachers or space, savings have often been made on differentiated physical education. He himself has only had positive experiences with jutour so far and would "like to come back next year" offering a jutour module for some of his students.

No youth work without youth
Hanne engert-alt and her boss udo schoberth are happy about this "learning process", that has taken place at the schools: "the schools are now opening up more and more to the outside world." Hubertus schaller, the evangelical deanery youth officer who was involved in developing the jutour concept a year ago, also emphasizes that the school should not be seen "as a competitor or enemy" view.

Nevertheless, it is still often difficult to get into this "learning state" as an outsider. So far, only two schools have taken advantage of the jutour program: the trimberg school and the heidelsteig school. "Another six to seven schools", engert-alt is pleased "but in the meantime they have also expressed interest".

From the club side, she says, the interest is "huge". Reaches one nevertheless, as also schaller confirms, with the everyday association work ever fewer young people. "That is youth work without youth, what we do there!"

Due to G8 and all-day care, children and young people are spending more and more time at school, which in turn would be at the expense of clubs and associations. This is one of the reasons why the city youth council came up with the idea of approaching schools with a customized program. Maybe one or two young people will be persuaded to join the sports club or the church youth program.

The jutour project is currently being financed by the city youth ring. But this is only possible because all module providers work on a voluntary basis and receive only a "minimal lump sum for their work", so engert-old.
In the long run, however, the project will have to be financed by donations, according to udo schoberth. The reason: youth work is funded from the same pot as schools and universities.

"If there's going to be a shortage, it's going to be with us", describes schaller the problem. Nevertheless, they naturally hope to be able to offer many more modules at bamberg schools.


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