Is the preservation reasonable?

Is the preservation reasonable?

The preubian courtyard and the building next to it are part of the protected ensemble of the old town and the spa district. The heiligenfeld group of companies still wanted to rub them down.

The current attempt to obtain a permit for demolition is not the first one. As city planner christine schwind reported to the city council's building committee, there had already been an application in 2015 to remove the buildings at 32 and 30 bismarckstrabe, neither of which is on the list of individual monuments. The state office for the preservation of historical monuments refused at the time and is now doing so again.

The two houses are "an important urban component of the ensemble of the old town of bad kissingen and the spa district", schwind quoted the statement of the state office. The preubische hof, i.E. The house at bismarckstrabe 32, was "included as a case for review as part of the post-qualification of the list of monuments" been. Both buildings are "typical representatives of the historicist development of bismarckstrabe", schwind said and ultimately "indispensable parts of the ensemble".

The city as the lower monument protection authority also agrees with this assessment, the city planner reported further. In 2015, the city's curator of local history, peter kaidel, and cultural affairs officer, peter weidisch, also spoke out against a demolition permit. Nothing has changed in these statements.Quote

When asked if demolition would be detrimental to the city's world heritage application, christine schwind said that it was impossible to say for sure. Jan voll, head of the building authority, reported that weidisch always explained that bad kissingen had to behave as if it were already a cultural heritage site during the application period.

An application for demolition can only be granted at all, the city planner explained, if the conditions "for the assessment of reasonableness in the permit procedure are met". An economic feasibility study was needed "as well as a weighing up of the significance of the monument and the degree of encroachment on ownership". The heiligenfeld group of companies has not yet made any attempt to provide such evidence.

In the discussion, several city council members were very eager to accommodate the interests of the heiligenfeld group of companies. One did not want, it hit more than once that in the city further buildings before itself decay and to building ruins became. Especially since the new building planned in place of the old houses is nevertheless surely an enrichment.

Second mayor anton schick, who chaired the meeting in the absence of chief mayor kay blankenburg, and the city's legal counsel dr. Joachim kohn, however, explicitly pointed out that the committee's approval of the current demolition application would probably be unlawful. When it comes to demolition, ensemble protection is the same as protection for individual monuments. However, if a builder loves to stand so much that the character of the ensemble is no longer affected, he could probably plan relatively freely beyond that. The building committee resolved the conflict between its inclination to approve and its concern about potential legal problems by deciding to defer the application. This gave the company the opportunity to try to prove the unreasonableness of the preservation of the animal.

Another building at the back of the property is also to be demolished. It is located outside the protected area of the ensemble and is not considered to be of historical value. The demolition permit for this was issued by the city hall through administrative channels. The garages on the site were also allowed to be demolished. The heiligenfeld group of companies bought the preubische hof and its associated buildings seven years ago. Before its sale, the building was one of the icons in the dispute over the city's spa district bylaws in their former form.


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