Ingrid and Manfred Hanuschke celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

Ingrid and manfred hanuschke celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

The bride of jubilee, ingrid hanuschke, comes from ebersdorf near ludwigsstadt, while her husband found a new home in steinbach an der haide after being expelled from his silesian homeland of breslau. The two met at the celebrations for the elevation of ludwigsstadt to the status of a city in spring 1954.

"That was a rough festival", ingrid hanuschke still remembers well. "And there was a spark right away", betrayal of her husband. After their marriage, the couple lived in a beautiful home in ebersdorf, whose garden with its lush flower arrangements was a feast for the eyes, especially in summer.

The marriage of the now 80-year-old and her husband, who was six years older, produced sons hardy and matthias. In the meantime, four granddaughters complete the family.

The jubilee couple looks back on a busy life. The jubilarian worked as a toolmaker until his retirement, while his wife, in addition to raising their children and caring for the house and garden, worked for 43 years as a seamstress in the sewing factory in ebersdorf.

Manfred hanuschke is an honorary member of the ebersdorf small animal breeding club, where he has achieved outstanding breeding successes, especially with his female wieners (a pure female rabbit breed with blue eyes).

His wife is also an honorary member of the ebersdorf singing society, which she enriched with her fine voice for over 50 years. Another rough hobby is gardening. It contributed to the fact that ebersdorf with earlier participation in the competition "our village should become more beautiful" was awarded several times.

Three years ago, the couple moved to the county seat, where they quickly settled in. Both are very interested in daily events. For them, reading the newspaper every day is as much a part of their daily routine as watching the news on TV.

As real family people, the two are happy when they can gather their loved ones around them, as was the case at the celebration, which took place three days after the actual anniversary. For the city of kronach congratulated second mayor angela hofmann.


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