In theisenort and oberlangenstadt, the next steps will be taken to pave the way

As part of the village renewal of theisenort, the two local roads "gypsmuhlstrabe" are to be redesigned and "krebsbachstrabe by the market kups fundamentally renewed. This also concerns the underground network of sewers and drinking water pipes as well as the existing rainwater sewers.

This project has a total cost volume of two million euros, with a 90 percent requirement of 1.7 million euros from the state of bavaria. The market kups will be left with an own contribution of around 250,000 euros for both roads. The call for tenders for the tree inspections is issued by the office for rural development in bamberg.

Mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) thanked joachim block, head of the office for rural development in bamberg, who is responsible for the village renewal, for his generous support, without which such a comprehensive building project would not have been possible.

Further the permission for the discharge of surface water into the krebsbach was handed over. This approval was necessary because the existing surface canal has to be reinforced and no water law approval had been obtained for this yet. Now mayor bernd rebhan presented the start of the mabnahme in the "gypsmuhlstrabe" for the second half of 2020 in prospect. The tender documents are currently being prepared and will be handed over to the association for rural development in a few weeks' time.

In the context of the village renewal oberlangenstadt II it is necessary to elect a board of the participant community. The members of the board and their deputies are fixed at five persons each. In order to ensure that the individual villages in the area covered by the proceedings are adequately represented on the board, it was decided that one board member and one deputy should be elected for the village of hummenberg and four board members and four deputies for oberlangenstadt.

The members of the executive committee, together with the civil servant chairman, form the executive committee of the participants' association, which is responsible for managing the association's business and thus has important tasks to perform. In principle, all natural persons who are fully capable of doing business under civil law may be elected; they do not have to be landowners in the area of the proceedings or farmers.

Candidates' names, surnames and full addresses must be stated in the nomination form.

The election proposal should be submitted by no later than 31. March received at the town hall kups. 

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