In the leisure country every day is like vacation

In the leisure country every day is like vacation

Since the beginning of this year the geiselwinder freizeit-land is run by the exhibitor matthias molter from coburg. How things have been going for them and the park? We have asked.

Question: how have the past few months gone??

Matthias molter: we are satisfied with the season so far – only the august weather could have been better.

In visitor numbers this means?

Molter: we have more visitors than last year.

What was the reaction of the visitors to the ‘new’ leisure land??

Molter: positive throughout.

What could have gone better?

Molter: only one thing comes to mind: the weather.

What are they particularly satisfied with?

Molter: that our new gastronomy is very well received.

Recently, an accident at the children’s free-fall tower made headlines – what is the current state of affairs??

Molter: the fact that two ropes broke at the same time is inexplicable to me. The ropes had only been in use since may. At the moment the broken ropes are being examined by the tuv-sud in munich. We are still waiting for new ropes, so the freefall-tower is not yet back in operation.

Does the construction site on the A 3 near geiselwind – including traffic jams – have a negative effect on the journey??

Molter: that is already traceable. In addition, we have the problem that the new larmschutzwall obscures us.

How is the completely new show program received?

Molter: i think: very good. It gets a lot of praise.

Which of the novelties is the best received?

Molter: this is by far our ‘horror lazaret’, so the new spooky house.

What other activities are planned for this year??

Molter: still until 3. September is the medieval market. Besides, we extend the season and celebrate halloween. An experiment I am very excited about.

How long is this year open?

Molter: the season was extended to 6. November verlangert!

What about the staff – are there still open positions??

Molter: no, we’re fully booked at the moment.

For the first time, you also offered company parties – did they go down well??

Molter: yes, very well indeed. In any case, there were many positive feedbacks.

What’s coming up when the park goes on winter break??

Molter: it goes on with reconstruction works and planning for the next season. New events are already in the pipeline.

When was your last day off?

Molter: every day in the leisure land is like a vacation.

You’re at the source: what do you prefer to drive yourself??

Molter: i’m always drawn to the wild water ride.

-> read a report on the season so far in the leisure land in saturday’s edition.


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