Health insurance survey: only one in ten lives an all-round healthy lifestyle

Health insurance survey: only one in ten lives an all-round healthy lifestyle

Almost half of the respondents (46 percent) do not even meet the minimum recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. The most sedentary are the 18 to 29 year olds. They increasingly spend their free time on the computer in social networks.

Compared to the first survey in 2010, germans live a less healthy life. Two years ago, 14 percent of the interviewees scored with a sensible lifestyle, now it is only eleven percent. For the representative study by the private insurance company, the university asked around 3,000 people in march and april about their daily lives: how much they exercise, what they eat, how stressed they feel and how they deal with alcohol and cigarettes. The interviewers calculated their health statistics from this self-reported information.

The only bright spots are in the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The number of smokers dropped from 25 to 22 percent in two years. Unhealthy drinking behavior fell from 19 to 16 percent. In all other areas, the picture was gloomier: one in two already does not eat a varied enough diet and feels unhealthy stress.

When it comes to exercise, older people are actually much healthier than their younger counterparts. People over 65 sit quietly in a chair for around 240 minutes a day. Among 18- to 29-year-olds, 360 minutes of exercise – a top figure among all age groups. According to the study, only academics spend so much time at their desks at work. In addition, the younger ones also score poorly on the topics of nutrition, smoking and drinking.

Another result of the survey is not surprising: almost half of the people in germany consider themselves overweight. Many people with too many kilos on their backs also feel less energetic than people with a normal weight. But most of them don’t take it lightly. Almost 80 percent of respondents consider obesity to be a major social problem. Two years ago, 65 percent thought so. And three quarters were buried a traffic light labeling for food: red for unhealthy and green for healthy were.

Overall, the survey shows that women live healthier lives than men – mainly because they eat more consciously, exercise more and drink less alcohol. The results for seniors may be surprising: according to the DKV study, people over the age of 65 live the healthiest lives, in any case more sensibly than at any other age. This positive result for the elderly, however, is offset by a higher susceptibility to depressive moods. Already every fourth senior complains about it.


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