Graf hopes for first victory

Graf hopes for first victory

The SG schlusselfeld/aschbach meets on sunday (15 o’clock) as 15. The district league table in the basement duel on the so far pointless SC heiligenstadt. Florian graf, SG player-coach since this season, analyzes the fifth matchday.

"We had a slow start to the season and had one or two injuries and a red card in the first few games. We had good opponents, so we must now continue to work in a concentrated manner. In terms of personnel, we still have to see how it looks on the weekend, who can play or who will join us.

Against heiligenstadt it will be difficult, of course we must see that we get our game through. It is important to make our game positive. We will try to get the first three goals.

There are certainly good teams in the district league. I have not yet seen all the opponents, but that will come in the next few weeks. There are very good teams in terms of play and offense, such as our last opponent, FSV buttenheim. You can quickly get into the bottom of the table if you have a negative run in the first few weeks. If you then win a few games, especially on double match days, it can quickly go in the other direction again. Our goal is clearly to stay in the class. We have to start scoring points and we don’t want another turbulent season like last year’s."


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