Gm wants to become number one for electric cars in the usa

Gm wants to become number one for electric cars in the usa

U.S. Car giant general motors emulates tesla and wants to overtake the electric car pioneer in its home market. The plan is to finance the transformation with profits from the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines, GM explained.

By 2030, more than half of the production capacity in north america and china will be dedicated to the manufacture of e-cars, it was announced. GM recently announced that it will invest around 35 billion dollars (currently a good 30 billion euros) in the production of battery-powered and self-driving vehicles by 2025.

GM also wants to focus more on digital offerings. The company sees the potential for 20 to 25 billion dollars in additional annual revenues, said mary barra, the company’s chief executive officer. You have to look at a car not just as a vehicle, but as a software platform, she stressed. GM plans to double its consolidated sales to 280 billion dollars by 2030.

"Cybertruck" versus "ultra cruise

Traditionally, the most popular and lucrative vehicle category in the u.S. Auto market has been pickup trucks, and manufacturers are positioning themselves to compete for this business with electric models. Ford has already unveiled a battery-powered version of its best-selling F-150, and GM plans to unveil an electric chevrolet silverado as a competitive offering at the CES tech show in january.

Tesla wants to attack the pickup placeholders with its futuristic-looking "cybertruck. At the same time, new players such as amazon-funded rivian are entering the market.

Under the name "ultra cruise," GM also plans to introduce a sophisticated driving assistance system in its cars by 2023 that will also work in city traffic. First to cover roads in the USA and canada. The vehicle is supposed to scan its surroundings not only with cameras, but also with a laser radar system. The so-called lidar systems are currently used in self-driving test vehicles.

GM made the announcements during an investors’ day. Traditional carmakers are being eclipsed on the stock market by tesla. The electric car specialist run by elon musk is currently worth a good 780 billion dollars – GM only about a tenth of that.

In the electric vehicle business, GM is looking to replace tesla with an SUV for around 30 percent of the market.000 dollars, but gave no indication of a possible launch date. The company, like the rest of the industry, is currently being held back by chip shortages.


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