Georg hollet is back in the race

Georg hollet is back in the race

With young and experienced candidates from various parts of the town, the burgerblock (BBL) in schonbrunn is facing the upcoming local elections on 15. March. The incumbent first mayor georg hollet was again unanimously nominated for the office of mayor by the assembly.

A review of the past election period showed that the goals set have been achieved and new projects are being planned or have already been completed. Among the most important achievements are the general renovation of the school in schonbrunn, the construction of a new fire station in schonbrunn and the construction of a new fire station and community center in frenshof. In addition, various village renewal measures had been implemented in steinsdorf and frenshof, and the expansion of a fast broadband network had been driven forward. A bicycle path was built between the villages of grub and frenshof, and the street lighting in all villages was converted to more climate-friendly LED technology.

The increased demand for affordable building land was met with the designation of new building areas in schonbrunn and in steinsdorf.

Hollet announced that he would once again face the challenges and tackle them together with his team. In addition, the expansion of the daycare center, the energy-efficient renovation of the town hall, further village renewal measures in the districts, the improvement of the local thoroughfare in steinsdorf, the creation of affordable building land, the steady expansion of the fire department and the establishment of commercial enterprises are all worth mentioning. The quality of life for all generations should also be maintained in the future. 


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