From grandma’s cupboard

From grandma's cupboard

As with "kunst und krempel" (arts and crafts) or "cash for rares many wermerichshauser had contributed beautiful and original things to the exhibition by bringing treasures they had inherited from their showcases elisabeth lenhard for the exhibition "schones aus omas geschirrschrank" (2011) and the presentation of the piece at the spring festival.

Special theme

The 2. The chairwoman of the wermerichshausen fruit and horticulture association comes up with a special theme for each spring festival, which is held every two years and at which the villagers are also exhibitors.

There were amazing exhibits to see, such as a whole service dedicated specifically to the silver wedding and many more.

Ponies and light guns

Of course, there were several special program items at the spring festival, organized by the local clubs, such as pony rides or light gun shooting, among others. In addition, the children had the opportunity to draw extensively with colored chalk on the strabe.

Also a "balloon magician not only the little ones were fascinated, while the adults were entertained by the dances and rhythms of the square dance group from mabbach. 


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