For 61 first graders a new time begins

"A person without education is like a mirror without a polish, as the old saying goes. Of course, there was no talk of such lofty, serious statements on what was probably six-year-old amelie’s most eventful day to date. But like all 61 first-class students who are now attending the lichtenfels dr.-robbach elementary school, she, too, was excited on that tuesday morning.

Curious, some abc scouts peeked into the contents of the school bag that gave each of them this special day. To ease the little ones’ fear of the limelight was also the background to the performances by the older schoolchildren in the gymnasium, where the school enrollment ceremony was officially held. "I’m a schoolchild, no longer small, already going to school on my own", the second graders, for example, gave the newcomers a warm welcome, and boys and girls from the fourth grade recited a poem whose stanzas told of science, math, painting, sports and all the other school subjects. "Today is your big day. Glad you’re here. You have an exciting and great time ahead of you", principal pia loffler buried the first class students.

Hugerich’s first day at school

Exactly 30 years ago to the day, a certain andreas hugerich started school right here. Little andreas from back then is now the mayor of the korbstadt, waving happily to the newcomers with the words: "i wish you great moments, have fun realizing your dreams." And as luck would have it, hugerich also met a former classmate that morning who had started school with him at the time.

District administrator christian meibner and school councilor stefanie mayr-leidnecker also paid their respects to the first-class students. "Dear children and parents, celebrate this special day, you have earned it", says mayr-leidnecker. And then came the rough moment, when the children, together with their class teachers monika rubensaal (1a), carolin hartmann (1b) and cornelia kassens (1c), went to their classrooms. Still without any curriculum and in a relaxed atmosphere, the teachers got the children into the right mood, so that they could "arrive". Some still looked a little skeptical, others were bubbling over with formality and sought out the conversation with the person sitting next to them or with the teacher. Every schoolchild is different, and that’s a good thing. But they all have one thing in common – they later had a lot to tell their parents about their first day at school.-robbach elementary school.


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