Fit in the Steigerwald

Fit in the steigerwald

Music sounds from a small box: dynamic rhythms, fast beats. Four different colored iso mats lie next to each other. The ladies’ sportswear is also colorful. At a rough distance from each other, the course participants hold a forearm. They look concentrated, the strain is written all over their faces – but they all hold out. Lara benkert’s instructions are clear: "tuck in your belly. Keeping tension. Five, four, three, two, one, and down." The instructor offers bodyfit today: strength exercises that also burn fat reserves – quite classic, actually. What is unusual, however, is the location of the training session at the "stabile" health center in trossenfurt taking place today: in the parking lot behind the building.

Bavaria loosens spat

Due to the pandemic, rebecca honig’s trossenfurt training center is currently closed. She’s not alone: the shutdown forced all sports studios in germany to remain closed. While an opening in other federal states was already possible weeks ago, the bavarian operators have to wait until the 8th of september for the opening. June wait. Then they were allowed to resume operations – but under strict conditions. "We will schedule the training and ensure sufficient distance and the prescribed hygiene standards", honey explains the procedure in her studio.

Until that time comes, she offers her customers alternative ways to stay fit – demand is high, she says: "every day, we receive e-mails from people who realize that without exercise, their suffering is coming back, says honey. "Right from the start of the exit restrictions, we therefore offered our members video online courses by our trained coaches." Including some for spinal straightening as well as muscle exercises with their own body weight or abdominal butt training. In addition, the operator has provided its customers with free access to a platform with around 6,000 training videos. An online program for losing weight was also part of the offer. Since it has been permitted, training is now also carried out outdoors in five-headed groups: jerk training, breath yoga or tabata (an intensive interval training), for example, are possible.

Health as a maxim

The focus of honig’s studio differs from that of many classic fitness providers. The training facility was created in 2008 from a physiotherapeutic approach. After therapy, patients should have the opportunity to maintain their regained health through exercise. In the meantime, the studio has been dissolved by the physiotherapeutic practice, but close cooperation still takes place. "We want to give people the opportunity to grow old as fit as possible", declares honey. The chip-controlled machines on site offer the opportunity to do this. They are individually adjusted to the requirements of the respective person – after he or she has undergone a series of tests: physiotherapeutic anamnesis, body analysis, strength check and a cell check. The latter is a test procedure that checks the body for toxic stress and problems in the metabolism. Occasionally, the program also includes a flexibility test before moving on to the training circuit.

This is to be supplemented by a special device: "skillcourt" combines the cognitive challenge with the training of motor skills. Among other things, it is intended to improve vision and brain performance. But the training spab is not to be neglected either.

The participants of the outdoor course also have fun – even though the exercises are strenuous. Lying on her back,ara benkert lets her outstretched legs bob up and down. The small group does the same. "The further you go down, the more intense it is", explains the course instructor. The ladies present lower their tubes to within a few centimeters of the floor. Blobe gives himself to no one. The trainer seems satisfied.

Economic situation

The pandemic caused considerable economic damage for many gym operators. The state demands, however, turned out to be low: "they did not even cover the fixed costs for one month", honey explains with humility. Rough support had come from the members: they had continued to pay the contributions. "The cohesion is incredible, that’s really great. I would like to thank them for that", says the studio manager with shining eyes.

The three participants in the studio’s eaves also look grateful when lara benkert finishes her course after a final exertion.


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