First children from greek camps come to osnabruck

first children from greek camps come to osnabruck

The first refugee children arriving in germany from greek camps are taken in by the district of osnabruck.

"The children are accommodated there within the framework of youth welfare," a spokesman for the lower saxony ministry of social affairs said on thursday. They were initially supervised and accompanied at a "well-suited location" in the district of osnabruck by child and youth welfare specialists, said social minister carola reimann. "Medical and psychological care is also provided there," said the SPD politician.

Some of the 53 children are to stay in communities in lower saxony after the 14-day quarantine. According to the ministry, about 20 of them have concrete family ties in germany and are brought there. Also other federal countries had offered to take in children, he said.

First, the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" had reported that the children were unaccompanied minors who were expected at hannover airport on saturday. According to the report, most of the children are under 14 years old and come from different war zones in the middle east and africa. Initially, there was talk of up to 58 children, but this figure had been revised downward by greek authorities, a ministry spokesman explained.

After weeks of preparations, it became known on wednesday that children from refugee camps on the greek islands will be brought to germany next saturday. Germany is also ready to take in more unaccompanied minors from the agais islands, according to a spokesman for the federal interior ministry in berlin.


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